Introduction Post, New Smoker Reporting For Duty!

2 years ago

Greetings, dear smokers.

Just to get on the same lvl let me say that at this moment I'm high like a heart beating ananas. To put it on a scale from 1 to 10 that would be 6.8 and falling.
And here's the beauty that slaped me to 6.8:
Alright. Yes. This is my introduction post. And tomorrow I hope this will be as logical as today?
I'm not very good at this but I can promise you a cute photo at the end?

So bear with me panda!

Ok. My name is Rok (25) and I'm from Slovenia. Here I study Tourism, live with my cat, get into shit and try to get out of it.

Thank god for weed and music, right?

Ok, now I would like to thank the people who created this platform. I think this is amazing. You all deserve a trip to Amsterdam.

Back to the intro.
I should probably say what I like right? Can't go wrong with that...well no, you can... I don't always like the same thing I do right now, right?
Ok. Behold, the top 11 things I like that comes on my mind right now-now:

  • Cars
  • Family
  • Traveling & photography
  • Music
  • Gym
  • Stars
  • Forest fire (controlled one)
  • Sea
  • Rice chocolate
  • Gym

    And what can you expect from following me?
    Weed and things I like. And you know how that works...
    But no worries. I will always post only original content!

    I'm glad to be here people! If you have any questions, please do. Thank you for your support!

    As promised:

    And Merry Christmas everyone!

#introduceyourself #life #offtopic

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Welcome my friend, I'm glad you've decided to join us here:)

For anyone reading this comment, I have to confirm @souladventurer is a cool dude coming with good intentions. Smoke On!


Well, most of the credit for my ass being here goes to you, so thank you @herbdean! (:


Welcome,Glad you found us. Can't wait to see tour original Cannabis content


Thank you, glad to be here. :)

Welcome to the platform and please keep it niche share things from your life yes but bring cannabis into all your posts. Check out the #contest tag it is a great way to engage with users and have some fun and even win smoke and cool prizes.


I will try my best to bring cannabis into my posts and I will definitely check out the contests! Thank you for your guidance @technosgirl. :)

Welcome :) Funny intro :P You will definitely have a blast here without a doubt. Cheers!


Hehe, that's the goal. Thank you! :)

Hello @souladventurer, welcome to Smoke Network and thank you for creating your first post!
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Welcome to the smoke network, I'm looking forwards to your future cannabis related content 👍 Happy holidays!


Thank you @indica, the pleasure is mine and I wish you happy holidays back! (You made my day even nicer) :)

Finally! I am glad that u came here my friend :) Welcome on


Thank you! Glad to see you too! :)

Welcome to smoke. I run the #serfnews community... sharing content across 5+ platforms. Use the tag #serfnews to get more eyes on your content.