Virtual Joint be passed part 3

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5 months ago

Waking up to that virtual joint

Today When I woke up I went on discord and checked all my notification like I do every morning after checking my witness nodes, I had noticed I was tagged in a post by @gr8fulmag420 , What this said post was about was awesome and I am down to see how far we can get this Joint passed here on smoke.

Both original post can be found here @relaylogix and @gr8fulmag420

My joint skills

Here is the cannabis I am using to roll this nice morning wake n bake




Passing that joint to the left

So with the normal tradition I will always pass to the left < But this I think I am going to go and pick @tecnosgirl To roll up the next virtual joint to pass around Smoke





Remember to go upvote witness and read who all the witness are and you can read what they do here


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That's awesome. Glad to see you didn't drop the joint😄


I did not let see if it keeps moving.. I will keep the 4.20 moving !!


Good deal!!! Happy Saturday!

Tastes good, what are we smoking today? pass me the spliff man!! Lol. I Still prefer to bong on bro. :-)

Its getting Smokey in here!