Roah Sunday Thanks @tecnosgirl

6 months ago

Roach Sunday

Have you got your roaches ready? I think this is a great tradition that @tenosgirl has started here on smoke. Now I think we should be able to get most of our most active users to join this every week, All it will take if you do smoke 3 or 4 joints a week and that is easy for you stoners.

My roach joint for this week

This week I decided To smoke a bunch my roaches and that is not even put a dent in to them.





Thanks for coming and checking out my roach joint, Now go on and check out @tecnosgirl post and get joining in this awesome smoke tradition. Also, did I mention that you can get a chance to win 4.20 smoke from @tecnosgirl

My Gift to @tecnosgirl

I have gotten so much swag and other items from @tecnosgirl it is unreal, Things like 3 magnets a keys chain, a metal tag, My wife @reefermom has got quite a few things from here as well and let me tell you she has given so many items away to the smoke community it is unreal. I know she takes so much time to send these away and all the shipping is out of pocket as well as the items she buys out of pocket.

I will be sending her a nice little seed package to help her out with her growing, I was planning to send her one all along but I was iffy on sending to the states.

So I would like @tecnosgirl to please message me on discord your address, You may have done so from last time I wanted to send a seed but I never knew how. Now I know how to send them no problem to the States.

#roachsunday #giveaway #smoking #420



Remember to go upvote witness and read who all the witness are and you can read what they do here


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I shipped some of those excess gorilla glue seeds I had in a greeting card first class mail to Pakistan.


Will they get there safely IDK hopefully so... I also didn't use a return address so it can't be traced back to my address if they get confiscated in transition


Do you have any seeds left that you can send to South Africa? I can hop on to discord if you wanna chat. I can send you some seeds from an African country if you would like.


I currently don't have any more of the Gorilla Glue seeds but I am currently growing a few plants I plan to pull any males hopefully they are all girls but if I get anymore I will let you know.


I would be down to do a swap. Hit me up on discord I can be found in the smoke discord


I guess if they are not in package ir sound be pretty easy


I put them in a small plastuc bag and taped it to the card so they can't shift.

Looks like you have an infestation of roaches mate, Lol I'm glad you managed to get rid of them. Bong on bro. :-)