Morning dabs with golden coast extracts

last year

Do some dabs with my smoke family.

What are you smokers toking on this fine morning?

I am smoking some HTFSE pink star dabs by #goldencoast.



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I am pretty confused on the process of how HTFSE is made and what is the difference between HTFSE and HCFSE !!!


Terp Sauce or HTFSE & HCFSE. ... HCFSE will have a THC-A content of around 90% and will look more like diamonds coated in sauce, whereas to qualify as HTFSE, it must contain between 13% to 25% terpenes and have the appearance of a very runny honey with crystals in it, and will be of a more liquid consistency than HTFSE



Thanks for fast reply / Now it is more clear / Source is saved / Happy smoking.


I was wondering too, thanks for the source, there is a lot of interesting info right there