Happy 420 smokers

in #smoking
last year

What's your 420 morning joint look like?


Hope everyone is getting super stoned on this awesome day.

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Dude cyclones! I haven't been able to get my hands on those in years, I think the banned then here because of the flavors.

Everyday I'd get super stoned if i had nothing else on ..
Tomorrow however, 'tis 4/21 day ... Ezyriders B'day ... he was high at birth and arrived a day late see ... :)

I started with a 3rd generation Roach Doobie at midnight but after I woke I did a wake n bake session with some DABs

My day looks great, it's time to transplant in the veg room and lollipop the ones in the tent and change the lights over to flower:) Couldn't be a better 420!


Nice sounds like a super busy 4/20. Hope your super stoned as well 😁

Just woke up. With a joint in the mouth! It must be 420!

Keep smoking

Happy 420!

Happy 420!!!!

Just woke up. With a joint in the mouth!

Happy 420 Day

Was out camping on 420, smoked some hash mixed with cbd bud and white berry

I’m just waking up today man. Happy 420