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5 months ago

Roach Sunday

Have you got your roaches ready? Did you do the task I sent you on and smoked a few joints so you can join us with a nice roachsunday Joint?

This week I want you to REALLY smoke some joints and join this contest. As a boost To help get more smokers to join roachsunday I am going to give everyone that joins 4.20 smoke as well as a random % upvote on your comment on @tecnosgirl post here

My roach joint for this week

This week I am going to just roll a nice little roach joint with my wife @reefermom. I have still been doing my best to smoke some of these roaches down cause I got so many and it is such a waste to let them sit and not get smoked.


Thanks for coming and checking out my roach joint, Now go on and check out @tecnosgirl post and get joining in this awesome smoke tradition.

#roachsunday #smoking #virtualjoint




Remember to go upvote witness and read who all the witness are https://smoke.io/~witnesses and you can read what they do here https://bitshares.org/technology/delegated-proof-of-stake-consensus/


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@tecnosgirl has a great contest here to keep folks interactive. It would be great for a bunch of stoners to be apart of a great community weekly event! Puff puff...Get those joints rollin....


It sure is, She does awesome work with all her giveaways

"Waste not want not" smoke that doobie bro, bong on bro. :-)

Reminds me of my college days bro!

Don't forget to enter your photos on the post yourself @skylinebuds