My Coffee Cup & Cigarette Short Stories

4 months ago

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I try to think with the cigarette and coffee cup by side. Thinking as it the step to reach out my inspiration & imagination. Cigarette on the right hand and coffee on left, the eyes stared front yard painted too much colorful life stories.

Cigarette contained with tobacco which I realized the effect in future, while I knew weed tells different thing but I've no power to do so, as it the regulation striked it. Hiding isn't the good option to enjoy something relaxing nor others.

But, still only cigarette stand by side as it seem legal althought the effect didn't realized or pretend to be. Inspiration & imagination both of words bond each others, tied by mind powering and releashed through the point. That's what I searching for, an hour left behind but still I didn't figured it out.

There it is an opinion passed through my mind tells that why I didn't find anything besides cigarette and coffee already spent for about 5th round, not rolled. Till many ideas flowed as following I'm not...

  • I stucked, try to reach things whereas out of control.
  • I paused my brain, try to rest for while and play with those smoke.
  • I take a paper with a pen and write something taboo.
  • I made mistake, why I'm not there when everybody enjoyed their rolled canna.
  • I didn't do it, cause I've no access to do so in here.
  • I just watch the others...

And in the end, I realized that only cigarette and coffee cup who always stay by my side. It was loyal, but still an abstract can't touched to wiped it out things inside my brain.

A Hello from The Otherside,


#poetry #story #smoke #coffee

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Nice story, next time try to also get marijuana by your side lol


😅 yup, thats greattt...