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Hello my dear smokers! It's been a tiresome day today since I just came from our farm. Well, it seems that my credibility has been challenged by no other than the mighty @unnamed, to the extent of calling me an imbecile!

My dear smokers, is it right to call names just because my post is of poor quality, and that my posts about my edibles to contain 0% cannabis? As you can see above, that's a genuine marijuana with our petite version of pipe but it's real.

We had a cup of coffee while gathering some veggies. But don't worry, I will let you see more when my seedling grows.


Above is a ground marijuana leaves, just enough for the pipe, and it's 100% pure marijuana!

I have joined a group of people who are promoting the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines which I will reveal soon.

Thank you for dropping by. More puffs to you all.

#marijuana #legalize


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I have joined a group of people who are promoting the legalization of marijuana in the Philippines which I will reveal soon.

please don't do that it is very complicated just wait for them to come out in the open.


Hmmm Yes, you're right @dargonx0x! I am just pissed when the authenticity of my post is questioned just because I had one plagiarized when i only copied the name of the products listed thereunder. We're advocates for the legalization of mj in the Philippines and I hope it will be pushed through. We will remain in the shadows for now.

Your image of the weed is dark, simply edit that to make it lighter.


Oh yes, it was the natural light of dusk dear @indaymers! I will edit it later. Thanks!

Be carefuly dear, we know it is illegal there in our country. We are here tslking about it but for real please be careful. How I wish and dream for legalization of medical mj but, until it is still illegal, I will not take a risk .
Just my advice and pray for #legalization.


It is real my dear @lawlai. I hope so too. But for now, we are stuck on this while the fight is still going on. I only have something to prove what reality is, even if it's not a GOOD QUALITY POST. Legalization still has a long way to go in our country. Who cares anyway? Only the rich can afford it once legalized. I can see that now. I don't even see the good sign here when am insulted as if my whole life depends on it!


Forget prayers they don't help. Blame these people. Professor Patrick M. Beardsley
Professor Bruna Brands
Dr. Ifeoma Toyin Ekwere
Professor Raka Jain
Dr. Pamela Kaduri
Professor Jason White
Dr. Simon Elliott
Dr. Afarin Rahimi-Movaghar
Professor Sutisa Nudmamud Thanoi
Professor Katia Gysling
Dr. Junichi Kitanaka or at least the majority of them.

Geez, just level up your post quality and when told something, first consider it before defending and making yourself look stupid.

For context of previous statement: source. Your first comment reply, on being a week late about recreational legalization debut:

Oh I see, that was held in advance? The sources were delayed then


That constant defensive aggression does show absolute immaturity. Just deliver the quality goods and forget about all the stupid metaness and butthurt.

Not here for the drama, just for decent quality cannabis content. You have 100% plagiarized, you have posts like previous, you have statements without any sources (the confiscated for MMJ experiment crop, see footnote). You have one decent post (Lowell cannabis Restaurant).

Don't get always defensively butthurt. Get over it.

PS: Neither UP, UPLB, and Ateneo Medical have any known ongoing MMJ research. But that's from insiders so they may not be aware of every single research project, yet they're sufficient legalization advocates to normally know of those.


You've just mentioned that what I've posted contained 0% cannabis and you were 300% sure of it! So don't judge me! Now, I have showed you a genuine proof and more will be coming!


I apologized for that error, okay, but it doesn't mean you're free to accuse me and using foul terms, saying am not good enough for this. It doesn't mean that you can say whatever you want just because you were paid for that. Huh! You can have your own research based on theories. And no, am not here for drama. I had one 100% plagiarized as you said and it doesn't include my other posts. I am open to constructive criticism because I will learn from there. Now that I have the 100% proof, you can have your remaining 200% stupid!


Am I allowed to doubt your posts? Yes, I am.

Congrats on continued butthurt driven maturity displayed in your final sentence, the one with percentages.

You will learn more the day you get rid of your constant first defensive reflex if not blowing sun up there where the sun don't shine because otherwise you reject the feedback. That only increases potential perceptions of BS people may read in your posts if they think they're lacking.

Focus on accepting feedback rather than first rejecting it. If always constantly rejecting it then people's attitude does also change. They will start judging you, inevitably. Fact.

Your evidence is temporary. Don't care about it, it's the stuff of kindergarten. Only care about what you show in the quality of your contributions.

Compare when indaymers or goldendawn write a recipe. Learn from them.

When you post an "edibles" recipe in a cannabis community... cannabis is not optional. It's compulsory to be an edible. It's not "here some of you know what wink wink".were grown up here, no need to talk in code... we're here for the weed and in an edibles recipe the weed is central. Not an option.

That's all. Future feedback will be upsmoke % based. That may include negative values.


Of course, my proof is only meager compared to your wide resources. Wait till I have my own produce then that will be the time to make like those made by @indaymers and @goldendawn. Good for them. Yes, you've mentioned that again and again that my posts are not good quality but it does not end there.
As for my edibles, you should have made your comment and checked it when I submitted my first edibles. I should have corrected that a long time ago not that you feed on our mistakes! That does not even explain that 300% rating you've quoted as if you're 101% sure they're 0% cannabis. See, you didn't even apologize for that because you're self centered. I even followed your posts because I liked it. I even wondered why I voted for you, not that you even cared.

I learned a lot about medical marijuana, which inspired me to join in this ultimate goal, but people like you do not motivate us newbies. You spite on us, You're a basher. you know that?


Do you ever shut up?

Do you even understand that the whole point isn't about your posts but that you ALWAYS HAVE A FUCKING FIRST REPLY even when totally wrong. People just don't bother about helping you with "constructive feedback" anymore. Because their feedback always first gets shut down by you.

That's the whole point.

"Hand in cookie jar.
"Not my hand!
"Sure looks like
"Oh you're right, sorry.

It's your attitude which results in the constant negativity. Go back to the whole situation about being a week late to the news.

"Oh they must have helf it before the news.

Let’s go back to copypasta

" What content is available for people like me then?

Cut the whole idiot replies out and you may actually see that there's feedback because people actually put in an effort to reply rather than just flag you.

It’s you. It’s your constant first retort which is always a blatant denial. Just STFU and take it when wrong. Then focus on the actual feedback.

Focus on actually being open to feedback and not merely say you are because obviously you are NOT.

Get a grip on your own gob first.

It's not about posts not necessarily being good. It's about your incessant replies even when busted or helped. Noone wants pictures of weed here if that can cause you problems. Or photos of you.

We live in Duterte land FFS.

Use your grey matter, not just your gob. Stupid gets caught first... don’t be Stupid.


Actually, you're the only one who did that. Advise people in a nice way so we will know where to go. DO NOT INSULT PEOPLE.
I don't even see why that word optional made my post less pleasing. It is optional because it is your choice if you want to add your mj for any occasion you want. You don't want to sprinkle mj for all the food you eat, right? Unless you're filthy rich and want to get stoned everyday!
I am just supporting my posts you were accusing me to contain 0% cannabis. It's real man!
I know I live under the du30 administration, the same island in fact. Unless you're a police of course pretending to support this community?


ONE LOVE PEOPLE, what is the point of this arguing?