Saturday Night Quadrilogy [Fortunate Nights]

5 months ago


This was the end of my Saturday night...


  • Smoking Blues (Did Not Care For These)
  • Thin Mint GSG
  • GG4
  • Snow White
  • Sunset Sherbert


I can’t begin to express my #gratitude for being #fortunate enough to blaze this bad ass quad flavored joint in an illegal state!
I’m #puffing this down in spite of the #prohibition and in tribute of the ones whom can not.

Join Me!

Join Me! Smoke!



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Sounds like a really tasty joint 😁👌

Q U A D R I L O G Y .....did you just invent a new word ?! : ) Could be a new thing on Like.....if there was a competition for the tastiest " QUADRIUM" of strains. ( did i just invent anew word?) Ha ha.... anyway this 4 way combo would be in the running for sure!


Nah quadrillogy was already a word lol