Rainy Day Off In Wisconsin

6 months ago

It's a rainy day here in Wisconsin, what a great day to take off!

The house only had a few things to take care of today. The daughter was ill so I stayed home, it's raining and the kids are napping. Think this is a great time to put together a good afternoon doobie. I wanted a special doobage so I decided this will be a 'three bagger', paronomasia intended as I am currently listening to our Milwaukee Brewers.

Let's see what we have to put into this fantastic rainy day splif…

Looks like I'm dealing with a bit of fresh Sunset Sherbert, some GG4(lol always), and the recently reviewed Thin Mint GSC. This mixture aught to be a fantastic surprise.

Copy of IMG_2544.jpg

The smell of all these pungent strains together is remarkable.

This right here could be used as a fantastic potpourri. I love the aromas released from this plant we all love. At first sniff, I could see why the pungent smell of a skunk would turn someone off, it just turns me on. I could see cannabis oils being used as a fragrant addition to ones dwelling. That's just the initial impression I have from this wonderful concoction I am about to embark on. Let's grind it up...

Copy of IMG_2545.jpg

Looks like I must have a smudge on my photo lens. Looking at these pictures, they seem rather blurred. Possibly the lack of lighting, I did make use of the flash. Not a normal practice in my photos.

However, the purples show through here nicely. The smell is that great smell I just described times ten. This is definitely going to be a treat to taste and surly a buzz to be had.

Copy of Copy of IMG_2546.jpg   Copy of Copy of IMG_2547.jpg

Pile that cannabis into my Juicy Jay's Grape flavored paper. Papers still rolling from my previous 4-20 grab bag score.

I am really liking the option to smoke 10 different types of papers. I still find myself using up my Juicy Jay's because I like the flavor on the lip, but it's cool to throw down a box of random papers when company is over. "Take your pick" is a saying anyone can appreciate. Flavored, unflavored, hemp, clear, long, short, fat; the looks people hit you with.

Copy of IMG_2549.jpg

Just as I thought, this jay burned nice and smooth.

The flavors accented each other, just as I knew they would. Every hit has a hint of all the strains, until I got the joint smoked past half, then it just had a distinct flavor of its own. The flavor was very sweet, and gaseous, yet the smoke didn't carry that need to choke it out. The mixture of the strains buzz is a definite mind blower, I'm numb, my arms don't want to lift my hands to allow me to type out this post...

Too much, no I don't think so, I feel fantastic, just need to change the balance a bit. I used 1/3 of each in this joint. I think I should cut the GG4 in half and increase the Sherbert in the absence created. That'll be the tester jizzle next time I have a rainy day off.

How do you spend your rainy days? Do you make your rainy days, rainy daze?



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I didn't know Wisconsin had fire


What ever our neighbors let trickle out! 😉

Damn, Relay, youre making my mouth water!!!!! You never dissapoint with your reviews and stellar pictures!
I have only been a fan of the flower for 13 years, and as a fellow wisconsinite, i can say those first years, it was a lot of brick weed, beans, and lumber. Now yes, even here in Wisconsin, we see more flame than not! Progress, i say!


I think I remember meeting you early on in your smoking daze. I was there for the Mexican imported beans. You are right, Wisconsin has seen a 180° turn around with the quality of cannabis available. I can’t remember the last time I seen ghetto weed being passed. Now a daze, I pray for a seed here and there.

I have a problem with your post!........it's making me very envious! would have loved a hit on that amazing concoction of a spliff. Great post !