On Blended Weed

7 months ago

To Blend Or Not To Blend

That is the question.

blend.png OR noblend.png

It seems with all the different #strains and #hybrids out there, that there must be just the right cannabis for everyone. Stoners, there may be. However, a lot of stoners just do not have the means to acquire such varieties. This is where the question comes in. Do you find yourself blending your cannabis strains?

I love mixing strains in a grinder and then rolling up a joint. The flavors you can create are sometimes tantalizing. Don't get out your dictionary, that means amazing. A pleasure to the taste buds. All that aside, the affects can be just as extreme.

Sort of like right at this very minute, I just smoked a joint of my own brand(unknown Indica strain) and some Vanilla Kush. Floored.

It might seem a bit odd, and maybe not, tobacco manufactures have been blending different tobacco plants for decades just to get that perfect cigarette. Breweries blend batches to keep the consistent flavor. Why not experiment with the finest #blend of cannabis cigarette mankind can get?

Well then...stoned thoughts are welcome....


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I prefer tasting single nugs, but mainly cos I buy dirt weed and so sometimes I get lucky with something tasty.

The only mixing I really do is to throw in a little piece of hash if I got it... though I prefer smoking hash alone with some organic tobacco too.. :D

Though one friend of mine that grows uses the same jar alot and then when I go round I always tip all the buds out and get the shake from the bottom.. It is some of the sweetest tasting mix you will ever try. Like cotton candy with all those terps and crystals from all the buds constantly collecting.


Sounds delicious!

Except my very first ones, whenever I had the opportunity mix several varieties in a joint I used to do.

I don't blend it but I keep my stash in a jar with a small fresh lemon peel. I have no idea if this is bad for the weed but I can definitely notice a diffeence in the taste.
Rarely I mix strains, because the effect is much stronger, but if that's what you are going for, do it.