My First Inside-Out Jizzle

6 months ago

So I decided to try this inside-out joint thing. Here’s how it went down.


What I’m stuffing this maiden I/O with is some nice C99 my buddy came through with. My grass comes in seasons! Hopefully the next time it’s some Vanilla Kush.


As you can see here, glue out.


My first one isn’t as tight as I’d like. However, it did burn fabulous! It did also take me two try’s. The first time I licked the paper the glue folded over the wrong way. The I/O is definitely a twister for future reference.


Burning the flag off was totally cool too! Will I roll another I/O #joint. Yes.

@psyceratopsb hope you like it! You inspired it!


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Roll me one up homie!

Vanilla Kush sounds good. Cool joint idea

Don’t roll them differently. First time I tested inside out I was like “Whoa gonna do it like that every time from now on!”.

And yeah, burning the flag is totally part of the ritual. 👌

You could fold and rip off the extra too

Nice looking joint, i burn out my flags as well that's the best way lol.

Splendid! For the first one...I remember mine had burn holes...
You'll be better with every roll...
Can't stop, won't stop!