Let's Roll Up A Joint...

6 months ago

Happy Fryday, My J Day


It's Friday night, time to roll up that J. Need to add another roach to my collection for #roachsunday.

What I have here is some of my own brand(unknown strain), the remainder of my #VanillaKush, a grinder, a ZigZag 1-1/4, and a lighter!(not pictured)


See now, the key to #rolling a good J, in my opinion, is the amount of goodness you put in. The heart of the event needs to be full. Some people think you have to be able to roll it fast...well quality first, speed comes with repetition, quality comes with care, attention, and detail. Not rolling it too tight, but not too loose either, an even amount from one end to the other. A J that doesn't unroll, run and fall apart just because it's a roach! [Your roaches should need to be torn or ripped apart!]


As you can see, gently push the greens down and level them out. This is where your tight fingers come into play. Roll that paper between your thumbs, first up then down. Gently working your thumbs back n forth evening the roll of #happiness. Just when it all feels rolled up just right, pinch them fingers together on the upstroke and get that paper to tuck. The rest is elementary my on the way to a J friends.


Now let's fire this bad boy up...



Man did this J burn straight! I'm lit with the most effort having been the keystrokes! Stay high, or at least get #high, and definitely

Smoke...Get Paid...Repeat

Happy Fryday


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My first grinder was like yours!!! Also same color with the bottom thing for to get the pollen (life saver when there was not more weed 😁)


I’ve had this diamond grinder for years!

Nice roll job. I think you just started to virtual joint with this post haha


Bout to be coming around again!

Glad to see you are getting your roach collection together for #roachsunday!!!! Good Luck!!! Maybe you will win another awesome prize!


Always looking forward to #roachsunday. Get em together...


I have definitely looked forward to them since tecnosgirl started the tradition here on smoke!

Hihi... A nice little buddy... Ich mag lieber die fetten grossen.. Die halten schon lange.;)