Let’s Roll...I Guess!

4 months ago


So a couple days post 4-20 I stopped in to our local head shop for some cigarettes.

I also decided I’d pick up a pack of Elements rolling papers as more than a few of you have advertised your support for the paper. After a bit of chit chat with the guy behind the counter that only seems to show attention to the ladies, not that there’s anything wrong with that, customer relations you know, I noticed a few left over grab bags lined up on the glass pipe case top.
“This all that’s left from 4-20?” I asked him. “Finally...” he said continuing on, “we sold over 250 bags just on 4-20 alone.”
At this time, even being the stoner I am, instantly in my mind I was thinking what are you complaining about? As I looked at the bags of various prices marked in sharpie.

‘$10.00 Paper Bag’ was written on one, $20.00 on another, and yet $50.00 on one of the last ones down the counter a ways.

No doubt these guys cleaned house and made a killing doing it!

By this time the one other person left in the store had been listening in on our conversation and reached over and grabbed one of the $10.00 bags. In my mind I was thinking I might as well too.

“Can I pick these up?” I asked. “I don’t care as long as you don’t open it.” He replied. So I did, I fondled a few of the $20.00 bags figuring I’d feel a pipe or something recognizable. All the bags felt light, but all seemed to be filled about the same. Nothing recognizable, but each one had something tiny and hard. Ok I’ll bite it’s only 20$ or like what 1000 #Smoke. “These are worth the $20.00?” I asked. “Every bag has twice worth of merchandise from what’s written on the bag.” He exclaimed.

So I ordered my Newports, slapped down my pack of Elements, and proceeded to set down the bag. At the last moment I switched bags.

Out to the car to see what I got as the special lady friend was waiting. Here comes the ironic surprise!

Inside my $20.00 Paper Bag” was a small red Bic Lighter, 2 packs of Toker papers, 2 packs of Grape Juicy Jays, 2 Packs Absynth Juicy Jays, 1 pack of Smoking papers, 4 packs of foreign translucent papers, 2 packs of Tribal hemp king size, 2 packs of Rizla king size, 1 pack of Vanilla Hornet papers, and 1 pack of Grape Hornet papers. Funny right. I just paid for papers!


I already gave away a few packs of papers to my neighbor, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any papers, anytime soon. The pipe is entirely too small for me so look for a contest!


Until next time... Toe, Toe, Toke it up!


Posted from my iPhone...Forgive my layout.


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Spliffs it is then :) Good variety, the jay's absinth papers are a tasty and interesting flavor. Good it had the bowl too in case you don't feel like rollin. I'm guessing the bowl would be 10 bucks, apx 3 bucks per paper pack - sounds a like about 40 worth retail. You're all set for papers for a while :)


Damn you got enough papers to last till next 420! Well maybe lol.

Good dialogue - you build suspense well! Did it actually add up to double the $20 value?


I’m sure it does when you start adding up prices of papers. I got more than a dozen packs average $2.50 a pack I’m sure. The lighter is $1, the pipe was probably marked at $15 shelf price. The irony of buying a pack of papers that day really kills it! Had I been a young stoner I might have felt ripped off but honestly, I can enjoy some different papers for fun or for that mater my #ACloserLook or #RoachSunday posts!

That was too funny and quite ironic.

Your 20 was worth it then .. :D