I Need A Roach For RoachSunday

3 months ago


I'm a bit #short on roaches this week. I need to roll up a doob so as I can have one to add to my other two.
I'm Still Smoking on some GG4[wikileaf] so
that's what were rolling. I really like this
new grinder I purchased awhile back. It
really grinds up the grass nicely.





I also chose to use up some #Raw 1.25 papers. These papers end up being my goto usually. I do like a good ZigZag 1.25 though.
Without further ado...



After Puffing on this jizzle, I now have a great roach to add to my collection for #roachsunday!


Look for my roach's cameo on @tecnosgirl's #roachsunday contest!


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Love the creative rolling. Its so good to have fun like that, feels like a child sometimes, but, who cares.

Me personally I love Elements and Raw I have grown from my zig zag cigarette paper days. (Zig zags and JOB papers are meant for cigarettes so they are actually thicker papers and burn quicker but when in need they do) I have been told I become a paper snob. LOL


lol... I also only use thin rice papers (OCB all day every day). . . Even the OCB Slim Organic Hemp papes feel a little too thick.

We don't have Elements in SA, though I did import some a few years back and they were pretty good.


see Stoner is a paper snob too LOL

Awesome gifs!

That is a sweet one hand roll - awesome gifs and pics, happy #RoachSunday :)


Happy #roachsunday! A bit of #smoke n mirrors! 🤫

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