Fryday GG4 And #Nugporn Gifs

5 months ago

Just sitting back getting blitzed, #smoking on some Gorilla Glue. Figured I'd snap some #nugporn of the buds. Then getting baked, I shot a shit ton of pics.

Hey, I thought let's play with the Graphics Interchange Format maker. #Stoned geek. I really want to start incorporating motion into my blog spots. I think it adds a dynamic to the blockchain that few take the time to add.

Honestly, just like the new ROBlocks game all these youngsters are playing, so late 80's look, the blockchains look like the first webpages.

I made a new ender for my posts:


Then started the images for motion. I made 4 gifs. The last is my favorite. What do you think? I know these are large, but I love getting in there. I figured you would too!gif2.gifgif1.gifgif.gifgif4.gif

Like I said this last one I liked the most, even with the unwanted shift out midway through. I like the amount of frames it is. Maybe 5 - 10 pics more would be ideal. Plus a stand so I'm not stoned weaving trying to zoom, focus, and snap a photo on this iPhone 10sx Honestly, this phone is almost too big to be functional one handed.

Well, "I'm stoned, I'm outta here, goodbye folks....." Cypress Hill


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Haha Wonderful

Awesome work...

Does that have macro! You can get some up close shots with that camera! The fourth is my favorite as well


Yes I am utilizing a macro lens on those photos.