Smoking My Day Out

10 months ago

smoking the day out.jpg

Hi! fellow smokers, hope we all are having a high time here

The rained has stopped finally and the sun was burning in the sky after two and a half days of raining here. Enjoyed that :D , and to make the moment more awesome, i took out the stuff which i bought from 7 miles away (Place called khanapara - which is a cannabis hub here in Guwahati, India) 25015386_1445777922205586_629606690509029376_n - Copy.jpg

couples of days ago. Ignoring the last night hungover, decided to smoke my day out peacefully, and luckily i m feeling a bit better now :).

Though i am scared when i think of tomorrow, because tomorrow is a working day of mine :)

DrfWKtZ (2).png

Thank you guys and keep smoking!

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some outdoor


Yea.. It's called here 'the Shillong stuff'

I heard in India, marijuana is cheap and good.


Right.. It's quite cheap .. I buy 100 a week and that last comfortably through the week.

Gotta love seeds



Very much :) ... I hope you did too

Wow seeds, seeds: D