Smoking It The Local Way

4 months ago

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Hi!! fellow smokers, hope we are all having a high time here.

It happens often with me, sometimes city life and the rest time semi-urban, but smoking continues no matter what because it suits me well.

Mostly i stay in Guwahati (Work there) which is not much big city but moderate i would say and smoking there with stuffs like high end bongs is always fun and the rest time i am in Halflong with my local smoking mates.


Honestly if i say why i dont carry my bongs or chillums with me from the city is because my parents live here and i am a very decent boy who has never touched a cigarrete in his whole life, that's what my parents think and i dont wanna disappoint them too :).

That is the reason we do it in a local way, buy the stuffs secretly doesn't matter if it is wrapped up in a paper or plastic :D.


All that matters is "Are we high enough or do we need more"?

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Thank you guys for your lovely support here and that is highly motivating me to get involve more and more with

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Amazing job. Cheers


Cheers mate :D