The Green Solution - Pre-rolled blunts on Display - Colorado is living in the future!

5 months ago

Pre-Roll Palm Blunt

This was from back in the summer when I was out visiting in Denver Colorado. I made a couple trips over to The Green Solutions because of their killer deals. Smoking blunts isn't really my thing, but I was still impressed by this display. I used to smoke blunts, but as I've aged I've needed to switch over to vapor. This is a blunt rolled in a palm leaf. It has 0.95 g of cannabis in it, For $12.95 all rolled up for ya in a palm leaf.

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The Cannatela

The Cannatela is something to behold, almost 4 grams of pure cannabis plant rolled up into a fat cigar that would probably knock any smoker on their ass. 2.5 grams of cannabis flower, 0.8 grams of cannabis oil, wrapped up in a 0.5 gram cannabis leaf. This is the kind of thing that I might one day get on a celebration and come out of smoking retirement for one night to try!

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Aw man, you don't like blunts? I'll take um, haha. I'd sit back and puff the Cannatela scarface style.


That's basically why I'd wanna try it, the nostalgia

The Cannatela is something to behold, almost 4 grams of pure cannabis plant rolled up into a fat cigar

That would will be too heavy man


haha, I'd still experience it just once.

I don't care for blunts myself. but I might have to try The Cannatela sometime just once to say I have. But seriously blunts for the most part should only be used to cover up low grade taste. Nothing worse than someone taking good tasting cannabis and ruining the taste by wrapping it in a blunt. Me I truly love the taste of high grade cannabis and hate anything that masks the flavor of it.


The thing I hated about blunts was the tobacco leaf. This is rolled in cannabis leaf, so, it's a bit different and would probably taste different too


That is what I was thinking too. And I love the taste of cannabis.

I've wanted one of these for a while now. I gotta go back out there and get my hands on one. The Canatella