Tuesday's SMOKELOG with crazy ass weather [I'm so high, thinking it was Thursday]

3 months ago


For this series I have decided to document my «SMOKELOG» throughout the day and publish it before sleep.

I will back it up with pictures and gifs from my #nugporn, smoke-sessions, smoke-spots and few lines of text from my #life. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you like, post in comments pictures of your smoke sessions.

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Log № 1
Time of the day: 0550
Location: Toilet
Subject name: Sleepyhead

Season of indoors smoking has started again. Outside is windy, raining and dark. Feels like winter again, all over. And it's a good feeling to light inside, warm place.

Would prefer, to be honest, some better location than the toilet. For now will have to satisfy myself with this one.
Time to get dressed and hit the road

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Log № 2
Time of the day: 1612
Location: Balcony
Subject name: Sun
You are not gonna belive what I came home to. Sun. Made me so happy and energetic, but not sure was it spliff or sun. Anyways, it was time to enjoy it. As I am writing these words, showers start to fall. I don't mind it as long as it's not heavily falling. These few drops cool me faster after cycling home from work and it is nice scenery when it mixes with the sun.

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Log № 3
Time of the day: 1730
Location: Balcony
Subject name: Muse

Decided to do some writing for one of the contests. Logically, I need inspirational spliff to get me going. I know I like to smoke with anything, but writing and smoking is something that goes hand in hand. Words just start to flow. There is only one small problem. It should be reread after joint wears off.

This was my muse.

I love me fresh fruits after spliff...best destroyer of cotton mouth. They wait for me after J.


Hope fricking rain don't start untill I finish it...even if it does, I'lll smoke it on a window as it is rather small and is gonna burn fast.

zelena crta.png

Log № 4
Time of the day: 1840
Location: Balcony
Subject name: Muse 2.0

Hahah... haven't done any writing, got stuck on smoke...let me go with the other one. This is why I ment it is an inspiration, you get so easily stuck into something that you loose sense of time.
As you can see showers are outside, but that's not gonna stop me.

And in the meantime...weather is crazy here.

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Log № 5
Time of the day: 2129
Location: Toilet
Subject name: Sleep

I really now feel so tired, finished with writing and had a dinner. This one is purely just for the count, without any inspiration.
When I wake up in the morning I be full of ideas. As the day go by, I start loose em somehow. I'm gonna be closing this post while smoking it...

So, wishing you a smooth night!

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Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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Have a great journey!

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One small sentence of gratitude to my wife Martina for all of Her support and inspiration!
You can check some of her work
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Nice gifs!


I do my best, what can I say.

Mmmmm I love fresh fruit after a session as well!


Before, during and after.