Monday SMOKELoG, April fool's

3 months ago


For this series I have decided to document my «SMOKELOG» throughout the day and publish it before sleep.

I will back it up with pictures and gifs from my #nugporn, smoke-sessions, smoke-spots and few lines of text from my #life. Hope you enjoy reading it. If you like, post in comments pictures of your smoke sessions.

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Log № 1
Time of the day: 555
Location: Balcony
Subject name: Alarm

God damnit. With all the moving of the clock and daylight saving shit my mornings became dark again. Time should not go backwards. It is not how it should work. So, now I need to wait 2 more weeks for my mornings to be bright again. Till then, unfortunately, you will need to enjoy my photos from dark.

On the other hand, at least night will start to fall a bit later so I'll start going to sleep during the day...amazing, not.
Joke aside, it is really going to be nice when, during the summer, night starts to fall after 10 o'clock.

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Log № 2
Time of the day: 1620
Location: Balcony
Subject name: 420

Too bad I looked at the watch a bit after, when J was almost done and I started to write this post. Could've catch it on pic, ah, next time I guess. Shouldn't be too hard as if I start at 7, i should finish be 1530.

This one is after work on the balcony to enjoy myself. You are "not" going to belive what else is outside with me. Coffee. I need it to get me up after spliff puts me down. Then I end up where I started, in between. And just then I repeat it all. From day to day.

zelena crta.png

Log № 3
Time of the day: 1920
Location: Balcony
Subject name: Afternoon morning


Took a decent one hour nap, turns out my previous spliff was much stronger than coffee. Woke up to this being prepared before my sleep. Just continued to roll it. Looks really cool photo.

zelena crta.png

Log № 4
Time of the day: 2130
Location: Toilet
Subject name: Tranquilizer

Hope this one will knock me out. Feel so rested after that nap. Outside is raining and is gonna stay like this for some time, so we switched to god ol' toilet. Chamber without windows and ventilation.

Reminds me of smoking in car with all the windows up.

I like to have fun creating rings of smoke, thinking of creating post with them in my next smoke session. Up untill then...


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Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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Inquiries about anything are welcome!
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Have a great journey!

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One small sentence of gratitude to my wife Martina for all of Her support and inspiration!
You can check some of her work
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My younger brother is on Smoke also, check out Fractal Loop Glider or @zuculuz for interesting thoughts, pipes and fractals.
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Nice touch on the smoke ring. Very smooth gif.. nice


Thanks Chief!

Nice smoked up day dude, but what's the story with the smoking in the toilet? Living room not up to standards? :)


Yeah.. not up to standards... We have smoke alarm and our landlord asked us not to smoke. So we are kind a mannered.


Squeqey alarm rat. That explains a lot. You can't smoke in the apartment but can in the toilet without ventilation? Wow, what manners! The landlord must be delighted! Yeah had the same issues at one point and you are fricking brave and love that herb more than anything to be going out all the time to smoke (love the outdoors in nice weather dough). I've used to solve my problems by constant draught in the living room while smoking + scented candles and a spray of odor neutralizer for an emergency. Nothing ever smelled or landlord said anything. It's the cigarettes that smell and get into the furniture. And smoke alarm, if it gets on just unplug the batteries and put them later back in, tried practice, usually it wont sound till seven people are smoking at the same time. For sure he wouldn't be happy if he found out that you were smoking but in my mind - the pleasure of lighting up on a dry and warm couch watching movies or just talking its worth it. But that is just me.


That's true that cigarette smells more, but there are two roommates with of them doesn't smoke weed. I can't tell him not to smoke cigs if I puff spliffs.