I'm back and ready to give out some SMOKE

18 days ago

How are you all doing my friends?

Not sure from where to start from. #nugporn , smoke-sessions, smoke-spots, #smoking or #contest ...so much to try to fit into one post. So, I'll start with one thing most of you are probably here for, but before that, here's how I finally got some time to enjoy.


How to earn SMOKE you ask?

Recently I have started my own business and I need all the help I can get. This is where you come into play. Like my social media and follow me. I'll give 25 SMOKE for each site, 50 in total. Here are the links:


Just please make sure you leave me a comment here with either your handle or part of it or initials if you want to stay Anonymous. My discord account is psyceratopsb#8174 , so you can DM me there as well.
This way I'll be able to send SMOKE to you directly.

Now to the part why we are on smoke.

I recently ran out of hash-stash so I have to, fortunately, satisfy myself with these little buddies. Not sure what they are or where they come from so we will call them Boys is from the hood


...and trust me, boys do hit hard. It comes as a good refreshing after more than a year of smoking only hash. This is how my process went...enjoy


...two old Friends


...and a bit of motion


...and a bit of me


As for life...

Started to work at gym, not much time to write posts, but I'm here, curating and keeping an eye on your grow and and sessions. Will not leave you, just stay in a shadow for a bit, until things start to fall into places.

Smoke ON, Stress OFF!

Stay positive, THC positive!

One small sentence of gratitude to my wife Martina for all of Her support and inspiration!
You can check some of her work
zelena crta.png

My younger brother is on Smoke also, check out Fractal Loop Glider or @zuculuz for interesting thoughts, pipes and fractals.

zelena crta.png

Bit of self-promotion for outside of SMOKE; here is something I'm working on. All support is appreciated.

Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist

AID Personal Training

Facebook COver.png

For more health and activity related content check and follow my social media:


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Please, do not forget that you can vote for us as witnesses.

You can click HERE if you still haven't.


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Welcome back friend!! I have followed you on AID training! It looks a good proyect!! Are you personal trainer??


Yes I am... I'll send you your smoke now. Thanks for the follow.

Welcome back stranger glad to see you back. I liked both pages but keep your smoke I will like and support friends businesses when I can without having to be paid. Happy Smoking


Thank you very much. Unfortunately for now this is the only way I can pay you back. This and content I'll publish. Cheers!


I don't need pay back, but thanks

Going now to Like them.... Liked and Followed. “Golden”


Appreciate it...and sent you smoke...


Thanks. Much appreciated also..... Let me know when you have a Twitter, Youtube etc and I will also follow and Subscribe there too.

Welcome back, interesting post! Nice to see that i'm not the only one who smokes in his bathtub😜.