How I got and stayed here? Why I like it and what will I do next?

8 months ago


High to all of you reading this!

Roll yourself one and start reading, if you don’t smoke, play some music (do it if you smoke) and dig in. This is going to be a bit longer post as there is so much to say about this topic.

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THC part or “What are you smoking?”

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Answer to this question know most of the people that follow me here. It is hash, some pollen street type. Peppery smell when burnt, unburnt smells like fresh plant before drying. Not too strong, probably made from some Indica. Fits nicely for writing this post as a muse. Smoke it as a joint, few times a day.


Cannabis is not that often on my list as I find shisha to be more creative and less couch lock. I like to smoke, a lot…if I puff too much weed, and I do, I become zombie or just sleep and eat. I stop being creative and productive. Not to mention mornings at work when I wake and bake with weed. Anyways I prefer it, chocolate all the way…

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How did I start to smoking weed?

I don’t remember my first spliff to be honest. You need to understand that I grew up in the region of Balkan, where everyone wants only money and doesn’t care about others. War ended when I was 7 years old. You can imagine how it looked like growing up in the surrounding like that. I stopped pissing in bed as 6-year-old. Barrel of fucking gunpowder is what they call it, Balkan region. I remember people walking next to local river with bin-bag and carry a kilo of weed to sell. Half of my fathers friends are dead from heroine OD, this is why he despises weed, well at least he did before he lighted with my brother. It used to be sold for 130e back then. Around 13 years of age my friends and I started to experiment, with tobacco first. As we were closed gang, we didn’t have access to ganja. Then came peppermint that we were picking up and drying. It was nice to smoke it and only that, then some tea, black one if I remember.
First thing that I bought thinking it was weed was oregano. When I opened it, I knew straight away what it is, as I smoked it before. I think around 14th year I got into touch with real thing. Probably outside, in the park while drinking. Young punx and HC enthusiast, drinking in park every Friday and Saturday. This was normal thing up until college, frankly you had nothing else to do. From time to time some suburban concerts with 40 friends who you know, all of them, as most of them organise it.

It might be that I didn’t get high first time and went home thinking it was shit. Few of the smoking memories I can even now recall. What is struck in my memory is one term or prank we had. Roughly translated, it would be Filming, that is how we called it. You would get someone high, preferably someone that is new into this. When you see he is high, from that point you can do two things. Either Filming, where you start to talk to him about some ideas, like conspiracy or life in space, atoms and then let him talk. He would blabber and explain how he sees it, put all his effort into evoking it most realistically and you would just listen and laugh. Other thing, not nice what you can do is Blacking or Downing. This means that you would convince someone that is how high he looks, how his eyes are red. When you walk among people you would tell him how everyone looks at us and notice he is high. Does he need water? You are so pale man…Been through, done and experienced on my own skin…and now when I look at it, they were good times.

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How I got here?

How I found myself here is not that interesting. During the time of airdrops, I was active in doing them, I found steem and saw I can advertise them there. I was spamming all over the internet with my referral links. Can’t recall from what page I saw about airdrop and I registered there. Remember that I earned around 420 SMOKE and decided to sell all of them when it goes live. Then came beta and I posted 2 pictures with some text. One was weed other some food and I got rewarded a bit. This made me interested. Few months later I got mail that is live.

I had to wait for airdrop tokens so naturally I resumed spam of referral links and some random photography from steem. It did not get any notice. I was telling my friends that there is site that you can earn, it is about cannabis and I saidto myself, wait a sec... Why wouldn’t I try posting Cannabis content there, and I did. I started to earn around 20 smoke per some of posts… and I continued to do so. I started posting exclusive and Cannabis related content and this is where things started to become more interesting for me. My first smokelog, 6 months ago earned 50 smoke in total. Then I won few contests. As rewards started to grow, so did my stakes as well as circle of people that I got connected with. It started to develop into something I see here, today; what I got now.

What I think of

As an active member you know what I will say. Visiting here daily, commenting and educating myself and other, I try to do my best in keeping this site niche as well as being, or at least trying to be, valuble member of this community. Because I like to come here and read about why I came in first place. Mary Jane, not other things.
Some might say that other similar platforms could do same thing as Smoke, but we have something that they don’t. We have same interest and targeted audience. Real life application that might be seen is specifically constructed for the needs that most of us have. World map of locations for smoking, outdoor growing, laws in specific countries. Honestly, I can’t say much from the perspective of programming as I am not into it. What I can say is that, socially speaking, we have huge potential. As I see it; there is immense benefit when it comes to social interaction and learning. This is what we are, social beings. We as humans have always benefited from social interaction. Who knows where life might take me some day, so why wouldn’t I be able to have friends all around the world to whom I might meat someday, if I ever get a chance to travel around the world.

If legalization becomes worldwide…

…everything else is self-explanatory. Buying, selling, sending, earning, growing…tinctures, shatters…I could buy them with SMOKE. Amazing use of my time. Imagine if I am paid for my writing with bud of some haze. Sounds unimaginable, but things are starting to move forward as we like it. Stoners coming out of closet. Not just stoners, people that use Cannabis as medicine. This will improve, must improve our knowledge in many fields of science, like botanical, medicinal, pharmacological, social, agricultural. Cannabis tourism is something I am looking forward as well. Cruising on a Canna-boat. Canna fitness and wellness might be my next direction in profession.

Already I have met few amazing people, with some of them there is almost daily interaction. Awesome growers with their logs. I made few posts for milestones explaining why I like this community so there is no need for me to repeat myself like a parrot. psyceratopsb loves Ya all!

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What are my plans for future?

Depending what are we talking about here, there are two categories. On and Off chain

Future on

I plan on staying here for as long as I am able. Meeting new people is amazing experience, not to mention getting to know them better. As I said, I might even meat some of you as my wife and I love traveling. I plan on resuming my SMOKELOG, from time to time there will be some nugporn and smoke sessions with smoke spots; as well as some scientific researches on our favourite topics. Every post I make will be niche related with maybe few exceptions of some travel experiences. Even when I document my explorations, I will try to incorporate some pictures of smoking or nugs. So, basically there will be loads of weed from my side of mirror.

Most of the things you see from me is Hashish, and I think it is going to stay that way. Perhaps I even move to other country soon and I might lose my sources; but it is too early to think about it. When the time comes I’ll see how it rolls out.

Future in life…

Concerning I have some plans for off-chain promotion like stickers that I’ll paste around where I go, maybe create some cards and leave them in smart shops and other similar stores. Keep talking to my friends about us and what we have here. It might be a bit tricky now when my school starts because the lack of time, for sure I’ll do my best. Guerrilla advertising for sure.

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I’ll take this occasion to announce and explain what plans my wife’s and I have.

Little back story. My wife is Textile and Graphic Designer. I am Physical Therapist and have enrolled course to become Personal Trainer. She has recently started to do graphic design and even did some custom professional work. Some of her portfolio besides graphic design is made of canvas paintings, creating tobacco bags, fabric and dress painting, design and creation of ethnic clothes... I am active on different blogging platforms, doing some travel videos from our trips, modelling sculptures, handcrafts, creating fridge magnets from clay, creating pyrography or woodburning art and painting in my spare time. My wife is pretty good at it as well. Truth to be told, it is her domain after all. This kind of occupations are perfect opportunity for us to work from our “home”; camper or caravan that is. Working as we go, on the road or where we briefly decide to stay would be our dream come true. Cooking for others and selling food is not excluded. We both lead relatively healthy lifestyle and try to work out few times a week while avoiding unnecessary processed sugary and junk fast food, basically keeping an eye on macro-nutrients. We take pleasure in cooking our own food and enjoy it between us or with friends. Both of us like to read, especially learning about new concepts and improvements in our professional fields; keeping in trend with the professional education.

As it is clear from previous paragraph, we are both into painting, drawing, handcrafting, modelling, sculpturing, magnet making, string art, decorations and graphic design, where wife is mentor and I am a student; after all she is a professional textile designer with bachelor’s degree. I, on the other hand can always do massages and advise on physical therapy and working out, calisthenics workouts or gym; as I am Bachelor of Physical Therapy and soon to be Personal Trainer. For now, it is only my hobby as we still do not know where to settle down and it is hard to transfer college degree from one country to another.

We relish traveling and everything that comes with it while documenting our “experiences” either by photographs or videos and try to combine them into short clips (still new to video editing). Cycling almost every day. Devouring all sorts of food that we can find as we are both omnivores and hedonists, anything that is new and unfamiliar is our kind of meal. Meeting new people while exploring and learning about their cultures, customs and traditions. Scrutinizing through history and heritage; admiring architecture; enjoying nature like lakes, mountains, forests and woods. Collectors and creators of new experiences that we stumble upon.

Our small “dream come true” would be owning medium size camper or caravan. Something that can carry necessary things for this kind of lifestyle. This would also be our home. We would call this MARS, “Mobile Art Research Studio”. This kind of lifestyle requires job that can be done “from home” or freelancing; where we would be our own employers. There are many solutions to this problem. Working as a graphic designer, freelancer for my wife. For me, online counselling and advising in Personal Training industry, nutritional programs and wellness industry; writing gym programs and routines, selling magnets and other crafts we can make and have made; selling paintings, caricatures and handmade and hand-painted accessorizes, bags, handbags, waist bags tobacco bags, cloths…; various pyrography decorations; selling food such as pancakes, pizzas, fast food or cooking stews during tourist season. Most handcrafts can be sold at various festivals and tourist spots during summer season. Depending on the income earned we would either be on the road for winter as well or situate somewhere for few months and create more products that we can sell for the upcoming season. During this whole time, we would document our lifestyle and publish it in a blog or website.

Biggest problem we have encountered so far is collecting revenue in short period of time for buying a camper or caravan and material needed for creating our products. We plan on starting this adventure in early May of 2020. We are both full-time employed, at the moment, and will hopefully continue to be, but the amount we can save for this project is 10,000 € per year. This way, by the end of the schedule we will have around 15,000 €. This would cover the cost of camper or caravan. What we are missing is additional necessities for working on the road like stove if we plan on cooking or material for handcrafting, mobile generator and other small accessories for camper, reserve income to live from and pay fuel and road tax. Our rough predictions are that without selling anything we would need 10,000 E per year to keep the expedition going. We will be able to stay on the road depending on how much funds we can gather before May 2020 and if what we may sell during our trip. We would like to travel for at least 2 years around Europe, minimum. If this project MARS ever gets green light, outside Europe is possibility as well. might come into play as well if I ever accumulate enough to be able to earn on a weekly basis to support at least some parts of our small project, like food.

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What I like and would do with prizes?

Some of them are toys I have seen for the first time. I don’t need to tell you why I like promotional material. I usually leave it at my friends or give them as a gift, spontaneous magnet on their fridge, when they don’t look. Who knows, maybe their roommate or friends spot it and comes here; or I interest them…like I haven’t tried talking them, but ok…we all choose our own pleasures.
Toppuff looks like awesome tool just in case of “no papers”. Rolling tray, time for some change and diversity for my smoke spot posts. Cup of Coffee, you see how much I drink it? Small bag for my wife. Best part is nectar collector as I have never tried dabs. Bong, I haven’t hit that stuff for more than 5 years. Chillum would be a gift for someone close to me, you know him as a “Zuc”.

Thank you for the read and hope it wasn't too exhausting! Have a smoky day!

#smoking #life

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Smoke ON, Stress OFF!


Stay positive, THC positive!

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Inquiries about anything are welcome!
Upvote, comment and follow if you like!
Have a great journey!

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If you want to donate, I will gladly appreciate!
All revenue will be used as funds for opening “Mobile Art Research Studio-MARS”.

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One small sentence of gratitude to my wife Martina for all of Her support and inspiration!
You can check some of her work
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My younger brother is on Smoke also, check out Fractal Loop Glider or @zuculuz for interesting thoughts, pipes and fractals.
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Great story. So you guys plan to move somewhere else from Ireland?


Yes... don't plan on retirement here...
New zeland maybe...we will see when my school ends

I believe you deserve to win 😎


Appreciated very much!

Great post Psy, not exhausting at all.

I'm with you on smoke remaining niche and predominantly on-topic; to my mind this makes a big difference and (speaking as an 'ostracized' toker) it's a pleasure to have a dedicated space.

Like your vision for when legalisation sinks in globally - I'd be happy to be given weed for writing/artwork, sounds great 👊.

As for MARS and the rest of your life that you shared - wow man, that sounds amazing. Let me know if you ever visit Scotland, I would be happy to meet up with you and share a smoke. I think that by May 2020, crypto and the legalisation issue is likely to be a lot further along the road. I am optimistic!

That's a tough and traumatic background you refer to bro. Peace and Respect to your experiences and memories 🙏


This is so nice to hear..we will be sure to go there we are rather close...

It's really cool reading all your logs. Your writings are great, and the animations are fantastic! It's cool having you here. Good Luck on the contest! This is a tough one to beat!


Thanks man..

Wow you do a lot of things to push you further and have the right intentions.

One thing, what I can highly recommend is to make your own sprouts. I like buckwheat, brown rice(+ cooking), lentils, lupinus and sunflower seeds. Buckwheat is the only thing, which doesn't like any salt or spicery.

You can get them in 25kg dry packages and have also the:

  • freshest
  • cheapest
  • lightest
  • best

meal, because the seed uses carbohydrate to produce enzymes (+ vitamins), to make the nutrients better available and reduce the workload on your digestion.

We need more Foodporn!


Not sure if this is the right comment, but it still makes valid point


For sure, not the comment you expected, but still on topic.
Could you include some food in your logs?


Yeah, ofc...but that wouldn't be niche..we have every monday post from @cryptosmokers, Munchies Monday. You might have a look at that as you can earn some smoke with food porn

Good post man, glad I kept reading as it didn’t realise you are from Balkans - very beautiful part of the world and I am aware of sad recent history. Smoke on brother!


Oh is place where nature is beautiful but mentality sucks...

Here is the United States they have traveling Physical Therapist and traveling nurses. I have a friend who does the traveling nurse thing and she makes 6 figures a year. Where as if she stayed put she would make half that. She is single with no kids or husband so it works with her life style, but it would work for the type of life style you and your wife want too. You might want to look into it. Thanks for the entry. Good Luck


Never heard of it, at least here in Europe. Seems like an interesting thing. Will look into it for sure!


Here is a link to get you started on the research. Good luck and if you ever end up working in the US LMK and we will hook up and have a smoke out.....

Good luck for future travels /project mars.


To you too for life.

Good luck!!! Stay stoned!!!