Feeling like Pavlov's dog while enjoying silence

6 months ago

I work in a crowded building where there is 3000 people in one place. All the loud noises, buzzing, people shouting, talking, chatting, calling each other, talking on phone is sometimes overstimulating me, too much unnecessary information to process. Sound of the cutlery, dishes, plates and glasses hitting each other. I know for sure there are other places where working is more sound enhanced and annoying, I have worked on one, but this is sometimes more exhausting then when you work next to a machine with ear-protector on. There you are prepared just for loud sounds and thoughts.

Now, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed music and it is one of my main passions, and there is nothing better than to enjoy spliff with rhythm, beats, distortion... From Dub, reggae, metal, rap,folk, trance, techno...


But, these are few minutes of the day, except morning coffee, where there is no distractions of any kind.

Just inhale/exhale motion and smile on face. How not to do so with this amazing scenery to come home to?

I feel like Pavlov's dog sometimes.

Working just to get myself stimulated for coming home and enjoying times like this. Just for that dopamine rush. Who knows, maybe all of this really is an experiment. Time will tell and till it does, more saliva please, stimulate me...spliff is off.

I should better go roll another one. Why not extend this peaceful time, it is not like it could affect me negatively; I can only benefit from some peace and quiet. It is going to get dark soon and we all know that in winter no sun means cold.

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What a quaint looking village you live in! Im relaxed just by looking at your photo, lol


It is actually edge of town. Pretty nice part with all the greens and shit and animals. Check this out.

There is no way I would work around that many ppl. Getting through University and being around all that almost drove me insane. I would def be looking forward to the quiet time too.


You know, I am almost always happy inside but don't show it. My coworker asked me why I'm always angry and grumpy.

I told her, because people don't ask me stupid questions. That is hiw I got through my high school and college.


LOL. That is one way to avoid stupid questions.

It's great to have a few contemplative moments in the day ....

A really good pair of cans, preferably with a mini amp in between too, is a must have. It truly enhances the working in an office experience.

That is a lot of co workers. If i was you i will send more time alone too! some good cannabis and relaxation won't hurt.
Smoke On!

I can't wait to come there this year and see what's going on there and that beautiful nature.


Good times coming my brother.