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Hi good morning dear friends, wish you all very beautiful day ahead, dear friends today I am in my village and searching for some marijuana users of my village as I want to know their experiences of marijuana usage, here are some discussion what we discussed about marijuana is given below and I am going to share the answer of 10 questions which I asked to them to know about their views and opinion on marijuana. During this I meet several old and young people of my village who are regular user or random users of marijuana and given below is their personal opinion. However I found that this is very famous among old age peoples and youngsters are not much interested to try this as they feel smoking cigarettes is more convenient and easy, I discussed with them some interesting benefits of marijuana smoking and suggest them to try this in the place of smoking tobacco as it will improve their immunity and health if taken under control and moderated way.

Friends I interacted with some old peoples who are regular consumer of marijuana and asked them given below ten questions which I made specially for them and let's see what is their opinion.

Why they are using this?

My first question was why they are using marijuana and they unitedly answered it's give them calmness, some extra territorial energy, feelings of goodness and it's powerful as one of them was a labour of heavy work and stated that when he smoke this before his work he feels less efforts to be put on his work and he never feels less of energy and fatigues.

Here is a Hookah user in the pic enjoying the marijuana smoke.



      So it is clear it's something special for them why so they smoke marijuana.

From where they found it?

As here in India it's still not legal to grow and trade marijuana everywhere and in my region it's not legal yet so they claims that they arrange it from underground markets and claims that it's very tough to get good quality marijuana. Some old men claims that the quality of Marijuana is better in New Delhi supplies but it's very expensive for them so they are depend of local black market where they are paying up to 100$ to 150$ per kg of best quality marijuana.


       So they have their own sources and market.

What was their first experience about the use of marijuana?

Most of them tried it for fun and the first experience was very funny some eaten so much or excessive sweets after the first use of marijuana, some claims giddiness, some claims they feels stronger and more energetic, some claims they enjoyed Long duration of sex time.

      So everyone is clear that he enjoyed his first experience.

What they think about this?

This time they are not sure but some told me that it's a bad habit for them and they want to leave it. (However they accepts that they are telling this because they are addicted to it and often use excessive dose of marijuana smoke.)
Some told me they enjoy it mostly whenever they feels sorrow or anxiety they tried it and they forget everything and enjoyed it.
Some told me they use it while they feels so nervous and fatigue due to burden of work, and after the use they feels freedom.

      So it's bring some interesting experiences to everyone.

Will they refer it to someone or not?

They unitedly shouted yes if you can control your addiction and if you have good diet of food as most of them are very poor and hardly get complete diet and due to over dose of marijuana smoke they are feeling that it's hurting them.

      So they are ready to refer you with some precautions and warnings.

How they enjoyed after intake or inhale of marijuana cigar or cigarette?

Their way of enjoying this is quite different as some started singing folks songs or some want to eat something sweet, some are ready to heavy work, some are ready to enjoy the sex, some are ready to take deep sleep.

      So everyone has it's own way of celebration.

Since how long they are using marijuana?

Interestingly the oldest man which is on my pics and holding a Hookah claims that when he was 12 years old and the year was 1950 when he was in Kolkata with his uncle and he tried this for the first time and his companion was his own uncle who suggested him to use it to get some extra experience and from that day he is a regular user of this marijuana Hookah and he shown me his Hookah which is very old and he told me that this Hookah was gifted him by his father in law in his marriage as his father in law was also fond of marijuana smoking. The interesting fact which is also a wonder for me he claims that he use it four times a day and for whole year without any break and he never fells ill and still feeling very energetic and never feels that this is harmful for him, although his wife refuses photography of her own but she is also a regular user of marijuana and shares the sip with her husband.


      So he is the oldest one who is consuming it for several decades.

Should government of India legalise this?

Now the voices are really making some news in this regards as this industry can give huge revenue and employment to the youth and can boost the health care industry.

   I am very positive about the future and regulation of marijuana in near future in India.

What will be their opinion if it is legalised in India?

They told me that the quality of marijuana supply will increase and the prices will be much lower due to abundance supply and competition and some youngsters are very positive as they will grow it in their fields and it will bring handsome money and employment to them. Some claims that this will break the backbone of black market and all the revenues and taxes will go to the treasury of Government. So it will be win win situation for the Government and general public each.

   So it will be an opportunity for India to legalise it and get some boost in employment and healthcare sector.

What is their personal opinion on marijuana?

Personally they thinks this is a medicine, a food an auspicious gift of God Shiva as Hindus community presents its leaves to Lord Shiva while worshipping. So everyone has their own opinion on it and unitedly they are equally same as this is the best gift of God and a herb which can be very powerful and useful if use in moderate And disciplined way.

   So this is a medicine, a herb, a food and finally the Gift of God.

So dear friends and my lovely Marijuana community here is the complete survey of my own village and what they think about the •Ganja• or •Marijuana•

Although peoples are not ready to give their pictures while smoking marijuana due to legal and their personal reasons but some old men given me some decent shots and I am happy to share it with all of you and the credit of image goes to these old villagers.












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Thank you dear friends.

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