We all Kissed Her

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11 months ago

Today i decided to write about her, When i came home on the 13th of February i didn't want to speak with anyone my pressure was just too high and i was feeling sick. I woke up on the 14th of Feb. to see her in my house with two of my friends. She came from very far distance just to welcome me and show me how much she cares about me. She is my best-friend and there is no time am lacking anything that she won't give me, she support me at all time and she is so smoking hot! She was just one in a million. She was looking like a model, she look sexy and slim enough for me.

I know i shouldn't be writing about my girl on this platform but i cannot just not talk about her.

I didn't plan the valentine at all because i did not know my friends will bring her to the house on the 14th. So i just had to make this Valentine's day to be special for the both of us. So i had ordered a bottle of her favorite drink, imported from Spain. Normally i was to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for the two of us but i didn't plan it and the next day is the eve of the Nigeria Election and there would be absolutely no florist around to buy some flowers.

So, i and my friends had to stay around and we had a nice time with my girl, i had to prepare her for a nice night and we started to kiss so hard that my friends couldn't resist the urge to join they all kissed her too. She and i never had sex but everyone around my street feels she is a bitch because they know we all use to kiss her anytime she comes around.

She never asked me for money, cloth or sex. All she wanted is for me to kiss her so she can mess up with my head and inspire me to do more with my life. She showed me eternal bliss. She was the one that turn the weak me into a commander.

She didn't stay too long before she left us fucked up in our head. I miss her so much and i actually took a picture of me kissing her so hard.

WARNING: Explicit Image

Her name is Mary-jane.

Maryjane will kiss you,you and your girlfriend. Maryjane is faithful With you till the dead end.

I just hope you all will be faithful with Mary-jane and welcome her to smoke.io. oh! sorry, she is already here lol.

I spent my val listening to Popcan song "Weed is my best friend" and i smoke over 6 joints that very day. How did you all enjoy your VAL?

Smoke on Buddy!

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I don't know how faithful she is, as we made love on 14th as well


Haha...Maryjane cheating on me.

She came in a different still with me cause she was caressing my vaporizer until I left her to kiss her friend in a shisha pot