Smoke More and Lift More (Body Builder Experience)

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Although marijuana has been stereotyped by a lot of people especially fitness trainers in Nigeria. Most feel it doesn’t help if you need to be a body builder. But there are several scientifically evidence that smoking marijuana and working out has a lot of benefits.

My fitness trainer told me to buy some supplements that it will help me with pains that I feel after working-out, which i declined. Have never been a fan of using drugs for workout but have been experiencing with cannabis for post workout treatment and it been really fun. I do not use Marijuana before working out. The reasons is that, if you don’t manage your high carefully, it can result in injury during workout which I won’t advice but some folks have meet said it helped with the anxiety before working out.

I started working out fully last three month and didn’t have much time to write as I workout two times a day before I got in contact with Mardi blog. In his blog he discouraged the method of working out two times a day.

When I started with his 5 X 5 routines I was press benching with just 20 kg and this have improved drastically am now lifting as heavy as 50 kg but this won’t have been possible without cannabis as I experience a lot of sores after most of my intense workout.

Merdi the creator of always advice never to train two days in a row or do two workouts a day. He always says we should wait one day before doing next workout. So your body can recover. But have been working out every day and been recovering faster with the help of Cannabis.
I use his application and you can view my progress below:


  1. Personally it has really been a great help to suppress pain after working out. As we all know MJ has anti-inflammatory properties so as a post-workout treatment it has really been of great help to me and some of my gym buddies.

  2. The THC ingredient have really been helping me boost my performance. I noticed I lift stronger weight every day. I started from Bench Press of 20 KG and in less than a month am Benching 50kg and also dead-lift 80 KG. Marijuanna have been really a source of support for sores that I feel after my 5 X 5 routines.

  3. I use cannabis munchies to bulk: as we all know that marijuana is well-known for stimulating hunger. So me working at being a bodybuilder and fitness expert Marijuana have helped my appetite. I eat six times a day. Eat a lot of carbohydrate so as to have enough fuel to carry heavy weight, then add enough protein to it. I was at 65 kg last three month am now 77 kg without supplements or any drugs; just gym, smoking weed and eat.


  1. THC and CBD affects the CB1 and CB2 receptors which helps to increase appetite, immune activities, sleep and temperature. For me personally THC have been of great help to me as I struggle with insomnia which isn’t great for an aspiring body builder because my body need to rest. So now after workout I smoke two joints of weed eat good food and then sleep for 6-7 hours daily. I intend buying a vape soon.

Using cannabis doesn't come between my bodybuilding prerogative, but rather, enhances my workouts. Am really developing muscles and gaining strength by just following routines and using cannabis.

If you have any "high"-ly effective ways of using cannabis and working out kindly share at the comment section.

Thanks for reading my WeedTalk

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Many disagree with it but WADA has marijuana classified as doping for its performance improving effects.

yet, while trying to advocate for the healthy effects and also destigmatize cannabis, its performance enhancing bonus is one I would personally rather not focus on.


Yeah I noticed after I stopped smoking I have less energy for bike riding and stuff! It has been over 2 months for me now without a single puff! It feels very good though. This reminds me I had better lift my weights too - today! Like right now!


People always hate what they do not understand. Cannabis have been helping me. I Norwegian gyming technique so I train 6 times a week with pyramid philosophy: which means I start from lesser weight with more reps then increase the weight while reducing the reps. And I do this for all body part everyday. Without cannabis helping me heal from sores I won't have been able to workout daily.


Heh. There's a reason why it's on WADA's list. I know there's areas where that benefit of cannabis is probably the noted but make sure it doesn't come at the price of your body longterm.

It is not listed by WADA because of its healing capacities. But even there you are capable to recover faster and do two more sessions every week than most would do. ;)

Just make sure yo don't push too hard and the faster recovery time with Marijuana doesn't lead to minor tears you don't notice due to the CBD.

It really depends on the strain I think, if you get something that's going to give you couch lock then maybe not, but an energizing sativa for sure!


sativas are just the best for working out.