My First Traditional Hemp Rolling Paper Experience!

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6 months ago

Yesterday i drove back to Lagos as we are preparing for another election in Nigeria on the 16th of Feb and i will be voting Sowere Omoyele because the presidential aspirant want to legalize Marijuana if elected to be president of Nigeria. He got all the necessary skill set to run our country. Not those analog corrupt fools.

I was so tired today due to the 5 hours journey back to Lagos Nigeria so i decided to roll some weed but this time i want a different roll paper. i read somewhere about different papers and how it changed the way smokers consume cannabis. I know we have the BARELY-THERE RICE PAPER, CLASSIC WOOD PULP PAPER, WHITE OR BROWN. But have always used the white paper even when i don't like it; i hate the the presence of chlorine and calcium carbonate all this and many of those substance like the combustion materials. All this substance have no real reason to be inhaled but you can find it in most white paper but not all .

The truth is that have always envy many of you with beautiful blunts, bong, weed and vap but i for one have never used any apart from my locally made bong. In fact before i joined i did not know anything about weed and smoking accessories like i do now.

Since i wanted to try something different i decided to go with two roll papers:

1. Vex premium rolling paper

  1. Brown smoking king size

Let me start with VEX:

Vex is a traditional hemp rolling paper, The brown, hemp papers have a pattern watermark and a smooth gum. Have not ever used this in my life so the taste is very different from my regular white joint paper. But damn, it smokes very moderately. The paper adds this appetizing earthy flavor that was so incensing to the weed i was smoking at that moment. The burn are wholly satisfying as the air flow through these papers is in. The pattern in the watermark seemed to harm the paper’s ability to burn evenly. Normally i use to rub honey on my white paper joints so as to get the paper to burn evenly but this time around i just smoked and i felt good. I can easily drop my weed on my glass of wine without thinking about the uneven way at which white paper king size burn. I really feel i will buy this occasionally. the papers are too sticky i really don't like that about vex. I will give this product a 2.5/5 Product Rating sincerely.


According to this review "Smoking King Size Unbleached Finest Quality Cigarette Rolling Papers 33 Leaves Pack Smoking King Size is the newest generation of rolling paper: less processed and more eco-friendly. Ultra thin, highly brown transparent and slow-burning paper. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no chlorine (unbleached) or other additives. The optimum stick with just one lick."

I will give this product a 4.5/5 Product Rating over and over again to be frank this is far better than vex and the flavor is awesome. The smoke that burns is so mild and doesn't irritate the lungs. Smoke are all organic and unbleached HEMP rolling papers that provided me with a clean taste that is natural, pure and very light. i really do love this far better than VEX.

These rolling papers are so thin you can see through them.

They are made with a blend of ultra-thin unbleached fibers and are a translucent, brown color.
One thing i noticed is that they burn extra slow and super clean; VEX didn't have that clean smoke as i expected. This product is produced from Spain, it has this color free natural vegetable gums with a nice taste when you smoke it without filter.

History Of Smoke Rolling Paper

So i decided to read few history about the roll paper because this is totally different from the two others have tried before. The paper was founded in Spain, 1879, Smoking is one of the oldest rolling paper companies in existence. While they claim that the paper was strictly for Tobacco you can feel it that is are clearly intended for weed, whether the packaging admits it or not. To be frank this is my favorite. These natural, ultrathin white papers offer a suave alternative to the more stone heads options. They've been around 137 years so you should not expect anything less from them.

I bought this for just 2$ unlike the Vex which was 1$.

My conclusion basically is that brown papers are far better than white joint. Brown did help me to conserve my weed yesterday while the white king size burns too quick and waste my weed often.

Many stoners need to realize that papers effect play on experience in terms of taste and product conservation. You all should learn to use the best roll papers and not just use whatever roll papers you see at the smoke store.

I will advice those in Nigeria to try this new papers as they are very cool and also better health wise compare to the normal white king size joints paper.

I bought the two roll papers from my black market dealer and he told me today he distributes to a lot of people in Lagos so i will be designing a vest for him and also get him stickers and flyers to distribute to those he sells weed to. I believe they will all love to join and write about weed on am also planning to do some random smoke evangelism to my 420 buddies after the election.

Smoke on and do not forget tomorrow is valentine and you should smoke weed for no reason. Show yourself some good love for weed is greater than love!

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Smoking is one of the classics over here in EU. I have few of their t-shirts as I buy loads of them.

White paper is only used for tobacco here as well. Not many people smoke weed from it.


Oh, in Nigeria we smoke weed from white paper. In fact i have stoners who haven't used brown paper in their life. Some don't even know it exist.

Smoking is very good i must say!

Thank you and smoke on!


I need to check how much postage will be. Maybe I could send you some. Don't hold my word for it.


😂 😂 😂 I won't hold your words for it.

Thanks anyway.

Nice spliffs and red wine - so relaxing :)


Yes sir. Which of the papers do you use so often?

Somebody is having a goodtime.


😂 😂 if I slap you now! Am having a smoke time osiso


All alone? Keep my share ...