Marijuana, Sex, Memories And VTA

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Can you remember your first kiss? can you remember the first time you had sex? your first graduation party and other novel? all this information are stored in your brain and then you can easily retrieve them anytime you want.

Memories: Memory is the faculty of the brain by which data or information is encoded, stored, and retrieved when needed. It is the retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action. If past events could not be remembered, it would be impossible for language, relationships, or personal identity to develop. So memories are very important in life!

So let me try if i can retrieve my first SEX EXPERIENCE WITH THE HELP OF CANNABIS. Am actually high on some good weed now.
Well it wasn't that pretty for me. I was a shy Christian devoted brother of the lord. And i had a teenage ministry i was running then. CXB (Christ Exhibitors) with over 50 active members in the Northern part of Nigeria.

i got admitted into "College of Animal Health And Production" and i wasn't too active with ministry anymore but i was still a devoted member of another ministry.
There was this girl from my class, called Sophia. She was a good christian like me and she liked the way i use to evangelize and talk about God all over the school premises.

She called me out by my name and asked me if I would like to come for a walk with her and then teach her the word of God; i was 18 years then and she was four years older than me. Of course, I said yes! we talked about Jesus and then she saw me off to my hostel and we sat down to talk of different issues about life it was getting late and she wasn't ready to go. As a Christian brother with active sexual feelings my brain was all responding like i saw a good AK47 joint. But the way she kept talking to me in this sweet Hausa accent! man,i was bloody turned on!

it got to a time we both didn't talk again but we kept staring at each other motionless for some minute and then she started kissing me. It wasn't my first time kissing so i was just expecting the normal kiss and then we all go home but then She quickly unbutton my shirt, I had to imitate her and then unbutton her's. She started kissing my chest and for a second, I felt like my brain was about blowing off! Like there was so much sexual pleasure building inside me that every other thing started looking skew. My drive was getting intense and i just wanted to rip off her cloth like i use to see in movies but i didn't want to look stupid as i haven't tried this in my life. I managed to pull her bra off after several unsuccessful attempt of unhooking the bra with both hands. I then had no freaking idea how to handle those standing breasts gazing at me. My heart was beating so fast i forgot about Jesus at that moment, i just had to squeeze the hell out of it. After that first press, every acts started flowing automatically.

Next, Sophia took down my trousers to give me a good head and that's where I lost control. It was my first time and i didn't realize there was life outside my evangelism career! oh lord! i can never forget the feelings my heart was pounding continuously. I was in an endless pleasure. I wanted the world to end that very day. Like everything was very calm and laid-back.

I then took her clothes off entirely and we had the best sex of my life. After the whole ecstasy i cried like a baby. I felt like i betrayed Jesus and she used me. It was my first sex Yes and i enjoyed it but i still didn't feel good that Jesus won't work in me anymore. I put on my cloth and then we both went our respective ways.

How Memories And Cannabis Affect the Brain?

Memories intensify during your first sex-and during all first/novel experiences-because all activities enhances in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain.

What is VTA?

The ventral tegmental area (VTA) is a structure in the midbrain which sends dopaminergic neural projections to both the limbic and cortical areas (ie, the mesolimbic and mesocortical circuits, respectively).
It is the most important portion of the brain in charge of rewards. So things like food, sex, drugs will activate the VTA. So every-time a new thing happen to you your VTA is being activated instantly. Like when you just smoked your first weed immediately your VTA will respond to that new feelings and then release dopamine.

according to this research the psychoactive compound in cannabis called THC stimulates VTA.

Other opiates have also been known to stimulate VTA but in a different pathway. This researched shows that cannabis can boost memory. We hope more research are carried out when cannabis is fully legalized.

Some other researchhave been carried out that marijuana uses for long term alters the brain nevertheless MJ helps stimulate memory but since science is progressive this can be debunked over time.

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So dopamine release. Fascinating read. Some Molly tends to do that to me too. 🙃😂

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