Endless Money Or Endless Weed?

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9 months ago

Weed is money though. I will take endless Money and open up my first indoor weed house and cut throats on prices. With this am helping a lot of my weed buddies, patients and myself.. With a lot of weed in my blood I can sit and socialise with my friends, workout at the gym and also finish up my work without having to buy expensive amounts of weed.

i smoke everyday, most weekend i smoke from the minute i'd wake up, to the time i passed out. I do this mostly on weekend when i do not work or go to the GYM.

this is how my weekend goes, wake up, roll up some spliffs, prepare good herbal tea, then smoke and listen to 6lack songs. one of my best songs then is balenciaga-challenge. Love the line where he said; My melodies came from everything I came from
They talking to God, everything I got came from him
Ain't no fatigue in my blood
It's just a lot of weed in my blood

sometimes like today i decided to smoke some weed and then swim a little with my buddy. i always like writing out my experience when am high. English isn't my first language but i will always want to write in pidgin then latter translate this to English so as to post on smoke.io. And have been improving lately.

Going back to when i was in tertiary institution it was the norm. i'd wake up, grab my school handouts, roll a few joints, and then go straight to any close uncompleted building due to fear of school securities and cops. Yes, i do go to class high as f$$k and even talk to lecturers and course mates without anyone knowing am high.

I sat for my JAVA exams fully wasted on weed. but i passed with over 80%. I left school and became more successful than most of my course mates thus proving that cannabis smokers are very capable of functioning properly not the low life smelly human being that the media portrayed us to be especially in Nigeria. When people in Nigeria know you smoking weed this is what they see:

I love smoking weed oh! my lord God! weed was my best friend back then in school. My weed buddies know they can always come to my house and go back high as hell. I have traveled miles just to buy some good weed.

Not until recently i reduced smoking so much weed to just smoking heavily. weekend alone.

Getting high, had me dealing over all of my problems at school. But i had a bad time also. I mingled with too much cultist and had several problems at school. I held on to things i should have let go because am always high and those things seems trivia until the THC effects clears out. I made terrible mistakes. Had people who were toxic as best friends. I dated a narcissist for five good years.

Am not blaming this totally on my weed use am saying i was just a teenager doing drugs but now i know better how to use my drugs and still maintain good and positive relationship.

Weed helped me in dealing with my mother's passing, last four years, due to a four months battle with partial stroke. I used weed through out that period as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

All in all, i have recovered from all the negativity that i put myself into. I have ended up my relationship with her, i totally stopped working for my previous boss. Set up my crypto exchange and also became an ambassador for paccoin in Africa
organized several charity events for smoke. last 3 months i organized another events in a central city in Nigeria for smoke. to me personally cannabis helped me in my recovery stage I feel so much stronger, positive, happy and successful as far as i define success.

So if you ask me between ENDLESS MONEY AND ENDLESS WEEDmy answer will still be the same;

Endless money to buy endless weed.Only people who do not smoke weed will get this wrong.

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Well, weed can be money and money can be weed so there is no wrong answer.

One of the pictures is faulty btw