Does smoking weed cause headache?

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11 months ago

Yes! Absolutely Yes!

Cannabis can triggers your brain to release its store of dopamine which can also turn out to give you headache.

Smoking irritates your system so anyone can have an effect of headaches after smoking in fact someone told me smoking cannabis triggers her migraine. I believe anything that can cause the blood vessels in your brain to swell can cause headaches. I don't have any hard data experimental research to back it up; it is just a claim.

So what are the interrelationship between Marijuana and headaches?

  1. Make sure you don't smoke stem and seed together as it causes headache and contrary to popular believes weed stem doesn't have THC it is like you smoking a wood.

  2. If you are not regular smoking then do not inhale too much THC at once as it could trigger headaches. Even if you consume too much tobacco you can experience headache.

  3. If you are prone to migraine marijuana may trigger the symptoms

  4. Make sure the filters are done properly

  5. Do not consume street marijuana , most of them are mixed with chemicals and are not proper for your health. Many people who smoke street cannabis complain of headaches.

  6. Smoke more frequently: If you smoke everyday of the week, you will notice you experience less bad trips and will be able to know the amount of joints to smoke without headaches issues. If i take four bottles of Heineken i usually experience bad HO but if i should just take one bottle i will sleep and wake up like a baby. My point basically is that if we smoke frequently you will be able to determine your limit.

  7. Use a vape: I have a friend that despite all the methods we apply she always have headaches and anxiety attack until she tried using a vape and she told me she doesn't experience bad trips. So this too can work for those who experience bad trips.

  8. Get a CBD substance: Yes, you must not always smoke weed. eat edibles or just get good CBD oil and you will be fine.

We all need to realize that cannabis is a DRUG and if we use crappy drugs we will experience crappy symptoms. Also if you abuse the use of the drug you will also experience crazy symptoms.

Drugs need to be used with caution. Most times we use cannabis with other drugs without checking if there would be a bad trip which is totally wrong.

For example anyone under the influence of stimulant drugs, the effects of weed may include: headaches, severe, fast heart racing, and anxiety, and even panic attacks. This use to happen to me when i was abusing tramadol and other opioids.

Do you experience bad trip or headaches how have you been able to mitigate the bad effects?

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For me, it works if I eat before toke. Never had headaches if I am full

Depends on the strain & it's growth environment


true the strains matters a lot. Mostly Sativa give mild headache if consumes heavily. I hardly experience headaches but it happens occasionally.

It cause numbness ... which makes my headaches disappear.


Yea, for some it does that but for others who either smoke too much or already used a drug stimulant have complained of headache.

I only once had headaches from cannabis and in that case it was really really really bad weed. Even the guy admitted it was total shit and just give it away like tabbaco replacement. I tried it without good cannabis and had a headache.


I remember you passed out when you smoked with us 😂


True yes! Hahaha but I didn't eat for more then a day as well XD but I didn't have a headache then.


oh that serious. bad weed gives bad headache then.