Cannabis And The Weekend Getaway

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11 months ago

To get away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos for 2 nights a friend of mine had to organize a getaway. At first i didn't want to go because am not the social person. But i felt this isn't supposed to be a big deal after-all . On the first day, we had a very terrible experience with the receptionist of the apartment we had to rent. Got in late at about 9:00 PM west Africa time. So we just had to prepare a night meal(supper) which took hours. I was already high on about four joints already so the munchies was crazy. We all meet at the gym close to my house and we consciously became friends.

At about 12 midnight we had to all rest for the next day. we where supposed to visit La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort. From the moment we walked into the Resort. we were impressed with the ambiance and pleasant welcome. We where served Pami (palm wine) and then we had to pay to go in to the resorts. We had a nice ride to the resorts by a driver they call "Pilots" they all dressed like a pilot. We had already prepared enough food and drinks with spliffs for the MEN.
Before that very night i had convinced my ex to join us. I was in relationship with her 2004-2005 in Kaduna. We meet again at Lagos after a decade or so. We had that feelings for each other again. to be sincere I’m scared to tell myself what’s true,I think I’m still in love with her. We spoke about what we still feel for each other and all the memories but then she got to know i smoke and am not as religious as she is. Then after the getaway she told me she just cannot continue with me. I lost my mind till now but i just have to move on. I cannot change for anyone. Am happy with who i became. irreligious, agnostic and a blower. new ize.gif

It was definitely a fun time, with laughs and adventures at Getaway with the girls! i hated the fact that it ended too soon. But definitley i got a lot of jobs to do with my fin-tech company in Lagos and then since i still serve as an ambassador to a million dollar crypto-currency company i just have to resume to work.

Another fond memory of this weekend was being at the beach and being held in the arms of possibility, with friends and ex. We ran to the shores of the beach and ran back as the water seems like it chasing us. the Waves come crashing to the shores. So powerful and strong the way it appears seems like it breathes and roars. It was a warm embrace to behold. It was the only chance i had to enjoy the sun, sand, water, and time with my new friends far from home in the North. new 2.gif
I wish we had to build in the sand and watch it all fall so we realize how life could purge us at anytime and keep being the best we can as we have just one life. I wish we had some mountain climbing(No mountain in the resorts), yoga and more and more adventure but definitely time won't permit us we had to drive miles to our apartment and prepare to depart the next day! I noticed i enjoyed being the other side of my personality. Am consciously enjoying life better than before. I’m learning to take more calculated and conscious risks. Always careful of the risk before taking a leap of faith.

Since my mum passed away have been struggling with complicated grieve. Prior to that i was diagnosed with aneurysmsn so i have had to stay far from social circles and then had to deal with my own grieve everyday.

Jessica Getaway, thanks for the memories, giving me back my faith in the possibility, and allowing me to relax and just simply let go of having everything all figured out, at least for a weekend! Maybe I’ll be back some day!

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Looks like an awesome weekend my friend!
Sorry to hear about your EX, sometimes it is just not meant to be...but who knows maybe you will meet again and she will be more chill on you smoking...


Yeah man, plenty more fish in the sea 👍


Yeah! too much fish some are just special but i get you. Thanks


Yeah! i hope so! Thanks for your comforting comment.

Great photo's. I like the one of your friend holding a coco nut while looking at the coco nut ;D


To be or not to be that is the question? 😉😂




hahahahahahahahaahahahahahah you made me laugh my ass out! the two coco nut

looks like you had fun :)


yeah! i did had a lot of fun!

I must say you had a good time, most especially smoking on the beach is one of the best place to enjoy smoking your weed away from the Lagos troubles. Nice post and hope to see more💨