Being Stoned At Work

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last year

Hey Smokers! it been a while!

Am a terrible worker when am high on weed but i have friends that can smoke and still do some pretty work like coding, writing or just hanging out in the studio cooking some beats. So, i decided to research on how i can smoke and still be able to be creative and finish up my Job.

Nigeria is pretty hard so working with some good level of highness would make you really cool and happy all through.

i decided to try some of the methods i read online and then share with you all.

  1. If you have to smoke at work always smoke hybrid or Sativas which is very popular in Nigeria. It gives me this relaxing feelings which would make me take advantage of the highness while working. I get to code more and then if i need to write it would be easier because most time my creativity and imagination would be broaden with cannabis.

  2. Use Vaporizers: if you reside in a third world country like mine getting to smoke at your work place is really risky so you need to either get a vape or a one hitter stick. It is the perfect device to use for a discreet sessions. Because if you decide to spark your spliff in your work place no matter where you hide it will create a lot of smoke and then smell so hard. Which can make you lose your Job. You need to keep it low key. I always advice folks in My country to always try and smoke inside their house or just use a vape if you need to smoke outdoor One hitter looks like cigarette and Vape might make some folks think you are on a nicotine break. Just always make sure you do not drag too much attention to yourself at your place of work with your tools.

  3. Buy a small purse where you keep all your smoke tool: like perfume, body deodorants, air fresher, eye drops, vapes, mints and anything that can make you look normal as fuck.

  4. If you don't want to smoke bring in sealed edibles: for those in Nigeria you can prepare your own edibles yourself. Most time i prepare cannabis tea or i cook my rice with enough weed and some of my friends come in to eat some nice weed rice. We laugh all through the day and that makes my day cool. instead of us being stressed and sober we are mostly relaxed and high.

5.Buy fruits when going to work if you know you will need to smoke at work: the reason why i recommended fruits is that eating heavy foods will mess you up at work. You might become so heavy after eating so much due to munchies.

  1. Drink coffee or water with sugar if you noticed the weed got you very high. this will reduce the red eyes and also help with those who struggle from palpitation.

I would only inform you but i won't advice you do that so you won't get into problem at work or risk being fired.

if you have any high-ly productive tips kindly share with me!

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Working from home has its perks. 😁

Worth getting smell proof bags too 👍

Lol great tips for the stealth stoner! :)