A cannabis Paradise in Nigeria.

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Yeah, as you all know am from Nigeria and in my country cannabis consumption is illegal but there is a family called Kuti's that are given license to smoke cannabis in their entertainment center. This place is called Afrika Shrine it is not just an entertainment center but a sacred worship center for those who smoke cannabis.

The New Afrika Shrine is an open air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Who created Afrika Shrine?

Fela Anikulapo Kuti started the Africa Shrine in 1970 until it was burnt down in 1977 while Nigeria soldiers killed his 78-year-old mother by throwing her out of a window that very day. His son Femi decided to build his father shrine and he was arrested severally by the Nigeria soldiers until he got his license to operate fully and that is what we all enjoying today.

Who Is Fela?

"Fela was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre and human rights activist. At the height of his popularity, he was referred to as one of Africa's most "challenging and charismatic music performers."

More than that, Fela was the embodiment of counterculture during Nigeria's dictatorships of the 70s and 80s. John Collins, an author and expert on West African music who knew and worked with the singer, says: "His songs went much further than protest singers such as Bob Dylan, James Brown or Bob Marley."

In his new book Fela: Kalakuta Notes, Collins points out that he didn't hide behind generalizations like "the times they are a-changing", or sing about the evils of "Babylon". "Fela's songs not only protested against injustice but often fiercely attacked specific agencies and members of the Nigerian government."
His greatest hits were a catalogue of assaults on those exploiting ordinary Nigerians."

Watch Fela Perform With Weed In Paris 1984

Sir Paul McCartney - Thoughts On Fela

Fela was a polygamous father who lived in a cloud of marijuana smoke. He died of HIV and his son took up the struggle. Since his father shrine was burnt he decided to build up a new one which was under attack repeatedly by the Nigeria Police and Soldier because of Marijuana usage at the center.

The sacred center attracts different public figures like French President Emmanuel Macron, The America ambassador, governor of Lagos and Ogun state, the Nigeria president and many others.

If you will like to listen to some Fela Songs you can join @canna-curate radio on discord and request for some of his best compilation. They onced played some for me on request.

I and my team decided to give the center a visit. I have always wanted to smoke cannabis outdoor with other cannabis users. The Shrine gave me that opportunity.

Fela Son, Femi Kuti always performs Thursday and Sunday and it is always spiritual and fun to be there. You can feel the love amidst tribal hatred, you can see how cannabis and music units us all. This is where i made a strong connection with my ancestors. I love this place.

Femi Kuti is the son of Fela and a musician also. He plays the Sax like his Dad while he trained his first son "Made Kuti" also. Femi Kuti is internationally recognized not only for his songs but also for his activism and fight for human rights. He has collaborated with international artistes like Common, Mos Def, Macy Gray, etc.

Femi said "there is no god; I don't believe in any god, not traditional, not Christian not Muslim or Scientologist'. I have grown up very free-minded."

In Afrika Shrine no Christian, Muslim, Black, white, Hausa, igbo or Yoruba. We do not discriminate. We are all human at first before anything else. Gay, straight everyone is free to do whatever you want. You can never be arrested at the shrine by the Nigeria police Never. Safest place to smoke Marijuana in West Africa.

it doesn't matter who you are, your class or religion when you come into Fela Shrine you are going to Dance.

We meet some Rastafarians at the Shrine

We didn't go with a good camera but next time we are going with a camera man and we will distribute smoke.io fliers at the center we will also give out free smoke.io hoodie with a Fela image on it.

Smoking With A Caged Shrine Dancer!

White And Black All Dance Together!

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Talk about cannabis culture. Will give it a listen when I get home. Love to mix my THC with some music any time of the day.


Yes you should..

Felaaaaaa!! i love that man, his music, his words. Going to the Shrine is something i must do someday!!


You should. Shrine is just one crazy and spiritual place to be.

By the way, you knew the night Fela got stabbed by one of his wifes was in Barcelona?


Oh!!! am just getting to know Fela was stabbed.

His wife's where just too much.

This place sounds like heaven for smokers in a illigal hell. I would love to visit that place one day.


Yes, it is the only heaven on earth. If you ever come down to Africa you should visit the shrine.

The son of Fela is a spiritual agnostic like you. That is Seun Kuti


Sounds interesting.