6 Reasons Why I Love Girls Who Smoke Weed

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8 months ago

Weed makes people have this soft and mellow vibe, weed make life awesome and simple. It does eliminate any level of f*ck in your head.

But there is nothing more ecstatic than a blunt in the hands of a woman you love. smoking weed with someone you f*ck with is a big heavenly experience. There is nothing more fulfilling than getting high with the one that means a lot.

in my own opinion women who smoke are the best to be with!

  1. People who smoke weed likes to share: the culture of "puff puff pass" have created this notion of "you cannot smoke weed and be stingy with anything" I remember when i was at the weekend getaway and i was on my third joints and one of my female friend said; dude smoke and pass! We know you brought a lot of weed but not passing the weed isn't part of the culture.
    Personally have never seen a selfish stoner girl in my life. They love to share all they have. Materialism and selfishness isn't part of them.

  2. She doesn't give a fuck: people who smoke cannabis get judged by almost everyone. I can recall how my ex said; "YOU CANNOT BE SMOKING WEED AND TELLING ME IT IS NORMAL. IT ISN'T" i just laughed it out. Because i don't care what closed minded people think about stoners.
    Girls who smoke weed trust their own instincts and intuitions they do not need your acceptance to do anything they want to do. They just do it. They mostly have a total dependency on their mind alone. Mostly alone and that is what i love about stoner girls.

  3. She doesn't struggle with premenstrual syndrome: ten percent of women around you suffer from dysmenorrhea — cramps so painful that they interfere with daily life. It will always affects their mood but Tetrahydrocannibol (THC), the main compound in marijuana, has been found to elevate the PMS that women mostly suffer from. So being in a relationship with a stoner girl will help you not to worry about PMS or anything as she will always be fine during her period. All the stoner girls i have ever dated never for once complained about PMS i end up not even knowing shit about their menstruation period.

  4. Boredom is far from the both of you: food, sex, game, movies and everything in life are better when you fucking high on weed. There will never be a dull moment in your relationship. You will always laugh away the sorrow and pain. Weed allows you enjoy everything at the moment. Dancing in the rain, singing loud, singing off beats, rapping to every beat or just be in a silent mood connecting to your male and female ancestors lol.

  5. Good Music Sense: people who smoke weed generally have a good taste in music. When i was in tertiary institution i use to date this Hausa stoner girl. She love to get high, switch off the light and just listen to Popcan and alkaline or 6lack i never like those artiste and i wonder why she would love a dance hall musician when we have good Afro pop in Africa. Until i started to smoke good weed and then i got so addicted to listening to all those artiste songs. As i am writing this am jamming my head to some Alkaline song and just puffing non stop! in conclusion Potheads have the best music collection and taste.

  6. Stoner girls ain't materialistic: they mostly see fashion, music and art in a more deeper spectrum. To them having all of this isn't a source of happiness but just bonus. Utilitarian devices like phone and cloths are not expression of social status to most pot heads. As long as you both healthy and you can cuddle your way to heaven _ nothing else will matter.

What your experience with your stoner girl? Kindly share at the comment section.

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Lol that's how I met my wife. It was the only quality a girl had to have before I would seriously date them. Basically everything you said holds true. Nice post - hope to see more🔥

Just to be clear, great to get to know you...now to beg to differ, I think you can swap girl with people

And to differ a bit more for the sake of discussion.

She doesn't struggle with premenstrual syndrome...

Well, my wife smokes and has them...think it is more individual than THC/CBD affected.

I, personally, believe that there is no bad music just bad listener. Now, something may not suit you at the specific time so you characterize it as bad music (un interesting, boring...) and never listen to it anymore. Perhaps if you were in different state of emotions that kind of music might fit you.

Sidenote. I am not talking here about music made specifically for the money or because someone has a contract that obligates him to record anything...but, even that music has purpose or meaning, you may not like it, but it is there for the money.
Also, nor I'm talking about hate speach music...

Sex Pistols, they were playing music as bad as it can get, not to mention Sid that didn't know the play the bass guitar. But the message of the music had more potential than the notes and tones did. Something completely opposite from what I have presented before.

Oh I love music. Have a good day.


Man that nugget is working great man, great writing and such good points!

Very philosophical, love it!

You should smoke weed more often man :))

And music is awesome!!!
Who is up for some psytrance?! 😁

Cause i am in that kind of mood...go Azax 🤯


Psy daily, well, more hi tech...but it is similar.

Btw, do you guys listen to music to change ypur mood or to go with it?

Sometimes when I'm feeling sad, happy songs makes me cheerful and sometimes when I feel happy, sad songs make me realise how precious is all.

And then sometimes music emphasises my emotions even more. Same feeling and music. Strange.


Music is amazing at that! Can turn you mood to any direction...
It can make you happy, it can make you angry, it can make you sleepy...hell it can even make you hungry.

I dare you to listen to Baby Mozart for over 30 minutes, and not find your self drooling on the nearest pillow (the story of my life in the past 4 nights).

Or not wanting to grab something to eat after listening to this nonsense


My Bad i will correct that now. Thanks for the head up.

  1. They're cool
  2. Stoned sex is great
  3. I don't have to roll...

Simple as that.

In my opinion, girls who smoke weed are the best kind of girls to have as friends and partners. They give out the best vibes whenever you smoke together, some even go as far as making sure you get to eat good food after being stoned. My ex girlfriend used to be a stoner and I remember our relationship was so smooth and violence free. She gave me the best vibes and after getting stoned together we would grab munchies and just enjoy the trips of the getting high. Get you a girl who smokes weed! 🤞