Stonning to lectures

5 months ago

Today i had a chemistry class in the morning at about 7am, before then i had gone out to get cannabis to get stonned before going for the class,i met my plug and purchased the cannabisIMG-20190808-WA0008.jpgon my way back i got a new crusher which i used to crush my cannabis,i rolled up and lit up my smoke at getting homeIMG_20190808_150024_3.jpgafter getting stonned i left for class…… .in class i observed i payed more attention than when i had not stoned to class at this point i had reasoned y cannabis had not been legalized… .i hope cannabis get legalized somedayIMG_20190808_150016_4.jpg#indica #review #curationbro #marijuana #cannabis #smokenetwork #life #nugporn

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Looks landrace bro. What strain is that?




lol....cannabis isn't legalized in Nigeria. So we mostly do not have names for our strains. Most of the weed we smoke here are Sativa but few folks import Indica. We gave most strains local names like Loud, Arizona, gbana. Some weird foolish names.


Cool what are the landrace strains that you have in Nigeria?
Over here we have almost no names for stuff either, we use to have Swazi,Pondo , Rooibaard and sometimes Malawi Gold.
I'd be keen to get some strains from your country.

Great Post! kindly join our Africa network.