Our First Local Bong Experience In Nigeria

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2 years ago

Many of us don't know the daily struggle of living in a country like Nigeria where stoners are being jailed, criminalized and lied upon.

We are not criminals, we smoke our own shit our hobby does not hurt one single person but the Nigeria Police force and the government still want to jail and kill us for SMOKING WEED. But we won't give up with the struggle.

Over 1 million Nigerians are struggling with Epilepsy with no money to afford good drugs like Epidiolex because many of the patients are too poor and still the Government have denied them right to grow and produce their own CBD oil anyone caught with weed will spend a Max of 10 years in prison. As an advocate of cryptocurency and the decriminalization of Cannabis i had to smoke once in a while so i don't get to be tested positive for illegal drug use.

We have worked extensively to spread the word about the medical benefits of cannabis along side the smoke.io social media we also encourage adoption of the cryptocurrency through all sectors and segments of Nigeria. The results have been extremely promising, but it is evident that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you have not been following you can read two of our previous work here:


Back to to our BONG experience, have been reading a lot of articles from many of the smoke users on their experience of Bong and Vap! i only got to know about those two smoking collection on the smoke.io platform. So i downloaded a lot of videos and for a long time what i and my friends do is to admire those who use them but due to legal issues we do not have one but we intend taking the risk to buy just one by next month.

But after smoking for like two hours in a small bush with two of my friends that i recently introduce to smoke.io @bmok and @dee010. We where using the normal white roll bond paper but we decided to have some creative craft fun with a locally made bong this came just like an idea.

@bmok bought a pack of teem soda drinks some couple months ago, and we usually take some of the drinks whenever we want to have some good meditation in the wilderness. So after drinking the third teem drink and smoking some good weed (Since cannabis is illegal we do not have names for strains we just smoke whatever we see) the need to create a bong became imperative at least this will give us a good high since we hardly smoke and we where just ready for some good creative fun with our weed (EJA in Yoruba language) today.

We usually go to the jungle with our jam box, solar connection box to plug our laptop while in the jungle but this time we went with additional tools like knife, lighter and small firewood. So stressful right? well, that what you do when cannabis is made illegal in your country.

We got all tools ready for production:

  • Empty team plastic bottles
  • Used syringes from our cosmetic rubber
  • Two big straws
  • Knife
  • Water and teem soda drink
  • Creating the Teem soda bottle Bong

    We had our idea all planned, drilled the cover of the drink and inserted a straw then we used hot knives to make sure the we melt the straw with the cover of the teem rubber with us.

    After then, we drilled another hole by the side of the plastic bottles and inserted a bigger straw where we can insert our joint then we poured a little mixture of water and the teem soda drinks back into the newly crafted "Teem Soda Bongs"

    The Results:

    After we done and we wanted to have our first hit from our new soda bong. The excitement was all over our face and i decided to go in first. I hit our locally made bong six times and I got insanely baked. So high that my knees felt weak or something, and I kept spinning sort of, my eyes became so red and sleepy in less than two minute i literally began to see things and i was so paranoid but i had to get a grip of myself.

    My other friend @dee010 also gave his own try and he said he had an out of body experience (lol) and we laughed and recorded our-self but due to security reasons we won't be uploading the videos we only sent them to our VPS cloud server so that we can upload them when we finally win the war against cannabis in our country. After my friend third rip, all he could do was laugh and cry the same time for good 15 minute, he was so stoned he lost basic motor skills i had to drive all of us home tonight after we left the jungle to the car park.

    Be careful with bongs though. if you haven't used a bong before, taking a big lungful of THC in one go is a one way ticket to possible panic attacks my friend still struggles with the attack but he is having a nice sleep at the time of writing this post.

    That been said, if you enjoy it getting super ripped can be totally enjoyable IF you are comfortable with it and know what to expect.

    This was our final conclusion; using bong cools the smoke down and allows for a bigger hit, with a much smoother smoke than joints and nicer teem soda flavor .
    All smoking methods offer different efficiency in how much TCH and CBD our body can absorb. Joints mostly,being what we use to smoke in Nigeria even with the harsh smoke. To us now, our locally made "teem soda bong" is the best because of our experience tonight lol. We had too much fun and Joy today. No hash weed smell on us, we had this nice flavor of weed plus teem drink which was cool and i envy those who live in countries where it is legal.

    We have decided to name our new Soda teem Bongs "Jungle Fever" lol.

    Do you have your experience with bong that you will be willing to share? feel free to make some comment.

    NOTE: images used here was intentionally blurred to protect the image of the author

    Smoke On!

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Awesome job making that bong - looks like it's working excellent. Congrats on the new bong experience too - from that last exhale pic I can imagine the enjoyment :) Be careful for sure, it's not right that people get locked up for cannabis. Hopefully some day soon it won't be illegal in your country.


yes, we are seriously working for that. We won't just hope. Thanks for the up-vote and comment. Yes, the bong is great will be buying a vaporizer soon i just want to apply for a cannabis course on trichome institute before spending any money on cannabis collections. Even the first image was just how high i was after the sixth hit i had to snap myself and edit it. Am sorry i wasn't able to speak at your radio program.

Thats was a cool idea from you guys. The bong looks great. WE used to do the same with cola or fanta bottles. Making homemade bongs.

Welcome to the experience of people in around 200 nations.

Many of us don't know the daily struggle of living in a country like Nigeria where stoners are being jailed, criminalized and lied upon.

So far, less than 6 nations have decriminalized cannabis. Where I live it’s up to 18 years and $20,000 fine. If you’re lucky and walked out during the bust because under Duterte things can get slightly more delicate when they come knock at your door.


oh! i was thinking it is worst in my country.what country you from? We will fight till the finish line. I cannot wait to see cannabis legalized in my country soon.