Quick Nug Review. Unknown strain.

6 months ago


Not sure the strain, but dose it smoke...

So I have been away a while on a mini vacation to a small town in he middle of the mountain way on the other side of Spain, with no #cannabis :( But am back and this is the first stuff I found when I got home.

                      20190818_225927.jpg 20190818_225948.jpg

It is an indica strong strain, A few puffs and you feel you eyelids getting heavy. The struggle to keep them open is real. Not a strain you would want to smoke in the morning unless you don't have anything to do that day or for a wake n bake sleep in :D.


The taste and smell on this is of gas/diesel. I love it! In a way it kind of reminds me of some Sour OG flavor wise. Super loud. I walked into the market to pick some stuff up stunk up the whole shop. This is definitely a couch lock strain. Full body laziness. OPENS up your appetite as well. Like always Cya later and smoke on. #growyourown You can also find me at MrTree420.com On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Smoke.io. Need Seeds?

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Sounds like a strain grown just for me hope you enjoyed the blunt brother keep blazing ill give you a follow tomorrow after work on steemit and twitter