How 0.5 Grams Took Me to the Moon

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2 years ago

Most of you know I use a vaporizer.

It's an arizer Argo.

IMG_9088 (1).jpg

Well, the other day, I decided to make an "edible".

I used my vaporizer on a super low temp to decarboxylate my flower.

I ground up about 0.5 grams and packed it into the argo's bowl. It only holds .3 grams, so I had to do 2 loads.

I ran it at 235 F for 40 minutes (for each batch).

I then mixed it with some cream cheese.

About 2 hours later, it started to really kick in, and it got SO much more intense than vaping or smoking that would be. I could smoke a full gram joint and it wouldn't have been 1/10 the effect this was.

Please pardon the patina :)


At the peak of this experience, I was shopping for pants at the mall. Not super fun. lol.

Then I assumed it would be over with by 5 hours in. Wrong! It was still pretty crazy. So much so that I asked my wife to drive and had to grab a couple of bowls of full CBD flower.

Vaping the CBD completely took the head high away and left me feeling like I had an invisible weighted blanket on the next couple of hours.

Pretty nice.

Next time, it'll be just the .3 grams, and it'll also be at night! haha.



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I travelled to frighten Mars with a 50 mg chocolate Edible... scared living daylights our if me. I definitely can’t handke high THC edibles.... maybe 10 mg

Have u taken 0.5 along with you ? cause there are no flights scheduled from there to earth. And also, get back soon coz, bull run is around the corner.

I don't know what is the problem but edibles never hit me more than spliff.