Here's what I'm smoking. Lemon Ice ( Sativa) - And yes. I said "smoking"

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7 months ago

Many of you guys know that I'm not really a true "smoker" b/c I mostly use a vaporizer.

I'd use cartridges instead if I had the option, but they are too expensive. I'm working on finding a way to extract oil from my flower, but until then, I get them when I can afford them.

I sometimes use a wax pen, and have also dabbled in the dabs. lol. Those are cool, but for the most part, I don't have time to deal with the mess.

But when it comes to smoking. That was all I ever did when I was in my teens and 20s. And I definitely remember enjoying it. But I was usually smoking cigarettes at the time too, and I remember the 2 really complimented each other.

As the title implies, I've been experimenting with smoking here and there. Mostly so I can try to judge how my flower tastes and smokes compared to others.

My problem is, I just can't seem to get over the horrible disgusting burnt taste, so it's really hard to say if mine smokes better than any others.

Can you guys who really enjoy the flavors please share your smoking techniques?

Or is this just a taste I have to acquire again?

I've been smoking at least once per day out of my little cheap glass pipe. Maybe that's the problem?

And this is me doing my very best to make the little buds look beautiful.

Here's the remainder of my 1/8th I got for $15.

The glass pipe above is what I've been smoking out of.

So far I've tried:

  • solid buds
  • ground buds
  • big full bowls
  • tiny 1 hit bowls
  • tightly packed bowls
  • very loosely packed bowls
  • High THC vs High CBD
  • Top shelf bud vs bottom shelf bud

and combinations of all those.

I do notice that some burn cleaner than others and don't burn as badly. So I get that. But the problem is that it all tastes like charred burned yuck.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!


-- Bud

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I guess if you havent smoked for a while it couldn't be that you need to aquire the taste again. I know people who don't smoke and dont mind people smoking but to them the smell is disgusting. But they never tell others not to smoke around them. It's not a taste for everyone I guess.

I would say for best taste is a nice fresh clean water bong with ice to cool the smoke


That's right! I forgot. The taste was quite a bit better with a clean stem. Also with water.

It’s an acquired taste that’s for sure. I smoke whole nugs out of my pear wood pipe and like that better than ground and rolled in papers. I do need to go for a good walk far into the woods to smoke so that nobody complains. There is no getting away from the skunky Dank smell.

Hey man, Smoke it, vaporize it, it's all good. That looks like it's got some good tricomb coverage

Lemon Ice is interesting. Looks quite dark for a sativa


It has an interesting taste for sure. And the darkness is probably just the outdoor patina.

Have you tried the vape pens that you put buds in ? It's like the bag vaporizers, but pocket size and USB chargeable. Lemon Ice might be harsher than other strains, i haven't tried that one so i can't say for sure.