This is the world's most expensive plant, know prices

6 months ago

Today you will find information about the world's most expensive plants. These plants are so expensive that you can not predict its price. These shrubs also have to be cut timely because they grow very quickly.

This plant is used for making vegetables and making utensils. The name of this plant is hops shortage and its price is 1000 euros, which is 82,000 thousand rupees per kg.Despite the highest price of this plant, its demand is very high.

There are many types of vegetables available around the world. But the world's most expensive plants are in the Himachal region of India. Some people also recognize it as a sponge mushroom. The trunk of this plant looks like an asparagus. Vegetables can be made from these branches. Some people use it as a pickle and also use it. These plants also have flowers which taste tastes.

It is cultivated in many countries like Germany, Britain. It is grown in the forest and it is done in the spring. This plant does not need sunlight. As it contains the herbaceous properties, vitamin B, C, D is the highest proportion. Outside India, these plants are sold for 30 to 40 thousand rupees.

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