Time For Smoke N Tell! Tonight's Story " How Dave Became Naked Dave"

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Alright ladies and gents it's about that time to break some down and get my mind right!
Once again it is story time with your boy lowkey smokey and tonight we got a crazy banger of a storyto tell!
so sit back roll one up and enjoy the shenanigan's.
This story is one that some may find a bit "edgy" but I'm going to tell you anyways lol

How Dave became "Naked Dave"

It all goes back to when I was 19, me and a couple buddies "Dave" and a few others decided we wanted to go camping and get our drink on and smoke a few, sounded like fun so we packed up our shit and none of us had any green so we hit up all of our people for some bud to no avail we tried for a few hours but nothing. finally Dave's cousin had a hook up on some good bud so we head over to his house only to find out that he ran out the day before buuuuuuut he did have one thing.

He says to us hey you guys like acid? None of us had ever tried it but we all wanted to go out there and have a good time but who wants to go camping without weed or getting fucked up lol so us 4 all put our money together and got enough hits for each of us to have 2 and hit the road. We were driving about 90 miles to get to a spot my friend knew about waaaay out in the middle of nowhere. So we knew it would be a little ride so me and Dave decided we would split a hit and see what it would do. about 30 mins into the ride we did get a slight buzz and things felt like I was in a dream but still was fully aware and coherent, same with Dave, 10 minutes later we started laughing at everything and that lasted the entire ride lol

We get to camp about an hour before the sun set so were were rushing to get our stuff set up, we all looked like idiots trying to set the tent up and in the end we opted to just hang our hammocks up, so we got a fire going and an hour passes by, we are drinking some blueberry vodka and I can still remember how nasty this stuff was lol

we all got a good buzz going and then my buddy busts out the acid.... They ask me and Dave if it was strong and for us we really didnt think it was after taking half a hit so we tell them no eat the whole hit and we will eat another as well, so we all drop on more hit "this was their 1st hit me and Dave are on half a hit already" so about 45 mins of us all bullshitting go by and all of a sudden I realize that I'm frying face hard and I look over at Dave to see him staring blankly into the fire I'm like yo dave you ok? immediately after I say the he jumps up so hard his chair went flying back and we are all like whats wrong bro? he just stands there with a terrified look on his face looking into the woods for a few seconds and then just bolts off into the forest as fast as I have ever seen him go lol

we tried chasing him for a few hundred feet and then lost him he was gone. So here we are all frying our dicks off and Dave just took off lol tf are we gonna do. we searched for him calling and calling for him to no avail so we had to make a decision we all knew we were high and we knew he was as well so what's gonna happen when the cops get here if we call them as we were getting ready to call, we here branches breaking and rummaging through the woods loud as hell all of a sudden boom Dave bolting back into camp butt naked and screaming and yelling and just going crazy lol he jumped on my other buddy knocking him out of his chair and screaming nonsense "he did some stuff I'm going to leave out as well for your discretion"

so we just start talking him down and he was tripping hard then he looks at me with this face I will always remember it was like a kid looking into a toy store he was like "do you see it" and points at the woods I'm like no bro I don't what is it? he says "it's beautiful and jumps up so I quickly stand up I could see it in his eyes he was going to take off again lol sure as shit he just starts running I didn't wanna lose him again so I just start running with lol I'm like bro where we going and he never answered we just kept running and after a while we lost eachother in the woods so now me and Dave are lost again lol For some reason it wasn't scary at all "yet" it was so interesting to be out there everything was awesome lol I wandered for a few minutes and then I could start to hear my friends calling I only made it about 100ft from camp I was just so messed up I thought I was way out in the woods so I run back up to camp and asked where Dave was and he wasn't back yet, so the search began.

we called for him a few times and he responded with the old "crow: call the entire time lol so we all meet up Dave a few hundred ft from camp he was still butt naked we start heading back to camp and when we started to see the fire light dave started running to get back to camp to get new clothes and about 30ft into his run BAM Dave ran into a clothesline and it gave him a pretty serious rope burn across his neck! GREAT NEWS lol

It was tore up bad and he smashed his head when he fell so now we really had to bring him to the ER. Let me start by saying the ER is a scary place to be sober, so we knew this was bad we were all super high still but we had to do it, none of us could drive at this point so my other buddy was forced to call his dad after losing the vote 3 to 1 so he called and asked him to come get us and bring him in, explained to him we were all super high on acid and couldn't drive so his dad shows up and is super pissed he jumps out and says only Dave and my son are coming you two figure out what your doing, so they take off and me and my one buddy stayed behind and worried as the night went on we got tons of texts from my buddy that went with about how Dave was acting a fool in there and tripping go without saying it did not go well lol The next day comes and Dave was fine and everyone made it home

Dave has been known as Naked Dave ever since that night, and that's the story about how Naked Dave got his name! lmao

Okay fellow smokies that concludes todays class, you aint gotta go home but you gotta get the fuck outta here haha
love, peace and chicken grease! Im out!


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