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Blowing smoke in his competitor, fighting with a joint in his hand, causing the audience to encourage him to take a hit. Debuting in 2008, he excelled as a super #Stoner high-flyer to become the most talented fighter featured in "JCW", the more stoned he got, the better fighter he was, he was "The Weedman".


The Weedman

The weed-man's action attracted "Officer Colt Cabana", who arrested him and forced him to become his deputy! Will the officer force the professional wrestler "Kurt Krueger" to remove his mask, will arrest him again? Definitely no as "The Weedman" will never bow down to the pigs!

The Bong

He was known by the ring name "Josh Abercrombie", but in his ashes, "Billy Bong" has been raised, a man who would gladly smoke those ashes all day and night. Debuted in J C W in 2007, the professional wrestler, bong was best known for his tenures in "IWA Mid-South", Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Ring of Honor and the short-lived Wrestling Society X, but sadly was destroyed by "Mad Man Pondo", later.

The Weedman & Bong formed a high-flying team full of talent and THC, competing in 2008's JCW Tag Team Tournament, they won JCW championship at "Bloodymania III", by defeating the "Thomaselli Brothers".

The Highest

"Road Dogg" claimed to have smoked #Weed since high school, spending all day smoking with his fans during the "Attitude Era" before heading to the ring. Weed was a blatant part of his mechanism, the reason why he always used the phrase "Roll the dog a bone".

He was pretty open about how much #Cannabis, he smoked while on-screen and behind the scenes as well. The legend and the big fan of "Mary Jane" claimed he smoked #Marijuana with the actor "Ben Stiller" while backstage at Raw show.

"The Roadie" was the highest person on the "SmackDown", who did not smoke with trump as he was not named "Vince McMahon". So how to smoke with "The Highest", who is one of the weed armies in "Wacky Tobacky' s Land!"


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