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There has been some information circulating the internet about Smoking Green Tea from tea-bags in recent years, and certain health benefits was reported.

Maybe you find it as Bizarre Subject, but I believe it is quite interesting, as it is pretty sure and an eye-opener too that one can find entire Chinese families enjoying Smoke of green tea leaves burning in a Hookah, and in the same time, Tea Smoking Was Not Mentioned Illegal anywhere and so there are a lot of people, even the teenagers who inhale burnt tea leaves to look cool.

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If we do Quick Search, we will see that there is a Bit Of Information online about the healthful effects of Smoking tea leaves like :

  • Lowered anxiety.
  • Cognitive enhancement.
  • Better metabolism.
  • Healthier cigarette replacement.
  • Energy boost from caffeine.

A lot of people ask, if Tea Smoking is Ok! And as I Tried It Out 25 years ago, I will try to highlight some facts based on my experience:

- Could it help you quit smoking?

NO / If you want to quit smoking, the best way is to quit smoking.

- Does it relax you?

I felt more numb than relaxed.

- Does it get you high?

No, Theanine ( Which is the form found in tea leaves ), do not cause hallucinatory effects, even in very high doses.

Green tea is an agonist of the CB1 receptor in the brain, cannabinoid 1. This is the same receptor that is also a receptor for THC delta 9, found in Cannabis.

Tea Smoking would produce different effects at the cannabinoid receptors. In effect, just because compounds in tea may interact with these receptors, doesn’t mean it’s getting you High.

- Is it safe?

It’s not dangerous in the immediate, harmful to your health in the long run.

- Is it good for you?

Tea Smoking may have a direct pathway to the bloodstream and can lead to nausea and dizziness, this isn’t the goal of good tea. Keep in mind; It’s not clear study that Theanine can be absorbed when inhaled in the form of smoke !

Good Tea Should Be Drunk
because it tastes good and healthy for you.

Do not try to burn it, to create new set of chemical reactions! Just drink it and if you want to get real benefits try to drink the #Weed Tea, one of the world’s oldest medicines, used for thousands of years across huge geographical areas.

Part II Coming Soon...

Smoke = Love + Peace

Reference / Healthline /


Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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I’ve actually never heard of anyone puffing down tea leaves. However, I’m not surprised that it carries benefits from smoking them.

It would seem to me a tea joint would be used to come down. After all it is classified as a agonist of cannabinoids.


That is because you haven't grown in Balkan region.


The first time that I Smoked tea I burned my clothes. lol.

Made a strong ganja tea last night, a tad on the sativa side disrupted my ability to fall asleep for a bit, decent sleep in the end haha


Great to hear this, by the way do you try to smoke green tea ever, as I did it twice in past and the result was not so bad / I did not get high and I just burned my clothes. hehe.


No, not leaves but months old reclaimed oil from a vaporizer, kinda dirty but really did the trick


Now I understood why you do not like my post as I came up with bizarre subject / but also I am happy as I did not get downsmoke / Just a joke.
Have a great day.

I tried Coca tea once.


I smoked twice / The first time black tea, the second time green tea.

I just got some hemp tea the other day and will get some CBD tea soon as well. I love tea and will probably review it. A lot of these things I knew but even more I didn't and that makes me happy. I got to learn a shit ton of new things here as a tea lover.

Wow! Beautiful.. How I wish I can get this in my country. Apparently, I prefer tea in the bags than any other teas.