My Journey Inside The Hell / Part I

last year


During the interviews with First Cannabis Church Of Romania and With Mr. Nug and the series of The Green Prophet, many things were highlighted and revealed then a voice said: I will show you the Hell ! The reason why I come up today with the new series / My Journey Inside The Hell !

My Journey Inside The Hell / Part I

I was lucky enough to find the gate of Hell surrounded by an atmosphere of evils and horrors, but when I found myself in front of the gate and I started to feel my skin burns, I rolled a joint and I shoot the last #Smoke. After the opening of the doors, as I watched, souls were placed everywhere which was fully engulfed with fire.

After few minutes I found my self in a No #Weed Zone !
I said with a high voice :
WTF / We start to free the weed in the Earth and we can not get stoned in the Hell !
An soul answer : R.N. ( Richard Nixon ) declared Drug War inside the Hell, after his death.
Was so easy to found R.N.

Interview with Nixon's soul in the Hell


@lordoftruth : Happy to meet you in the hell, can I have an interview with you?
R.N. : You are welcome, sure.

@lordoftruth : I Know that during your administration, a study show the curative effects of Delta 9-THC that can cure an incurable disease like cancer and epilepsy, can you tell me what happened to the study !
R.N. : Yes you are right, Delta 9-THC was the miracle that could save millions from death, but I hide the files on the drawer.

@lordoftruth : Why the American government spent Billions of dollars to keep #Cannabis illegally and you knew about its beneficial effects since 1974 !
R.N. : To give the possibilty to the pharmaceutical giants to obtain huge gains from the sale of medicines to cure this disease, watch the below video.

Video Source


@lordoftruth : Why you declared a war on drugs in June 1971, and you increased the presence of federal drug control agencies ?
R.N. : I had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying. You know I couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with #Marijuana and blacks with Heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, I could disrupt those communities.


@lordoftruth : But the result was, the deaths of 7,000 to 10,000 people !
R.N. : Indeed, I did it, as I need all of them here beside as I declared Drug War again but this time, inside the Hell.

The Story Goes On / Part II Coming Soon

Smoke = Love + Peace

Reference & Photo / Drugpolicy /


Thanks For Reading & Happy Smoking !


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Hahah! very funny.


Happy as you enjoyed the content.
Part II coming soon.
Interview With Amy Winehouse in the Hell.
Thanks for support.

Awesome post. A very fun read this early in the morning. Top notch.

Wow interesting perspective on what an ass RN was.