experiments and results 🤔 , does cannabis help with my headache ?

7 months ago

good evening smokers

sometimes i just need to experience and see ...
i rarely get headache , tonight i have a little , and i didn't take pills ,it make me to stay awake and it is annoying , instead smoke and wanna see if it will heals the pain of my headache . :D

does it helps you this way ? 🤔






if you want to have this design with your name , just let me know . 🙋🏻

see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive smoke.io

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#health #cannabis

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I'd be wary of lighting a joint from a candle because the flame coming from it won't be clean


Really? oh,,another mistake , , i used to light it with candles , sure, i won't do it again
thanks for your advices ❤️

Did it work out?


🤔 yes i think, i can't say 100% , but at least i didn't take pills ,,, i got (about) 40 % better and could have a good sleep 🌈


Nice.. I find cannabis often does not help for a headache but sure can help with sleep. I'm glad you feeling better without the need to take pills hun.


yes i think the same,, it helped with sleep . thank you stoner ❤️

Cannabis usually helps my headache, but tobacco like this cigarette would make me feel even more sick!


good,,, will see how will work for me ,
jeff it's not tobacco in it , i use cigarette for it's paper ,


interesting! I've never seen it done that way before!