Best Video Games to play while getting high?

11 months ago


I've wondered what it felt like gaming and smoking some sativa, I never tried it before, so I made some research and I discovered a few great games to get high on:

  • Call of Duty
  • Grand Theft Auto

These are the best ones I could find, for now, Although I'd like some input from the community, Do you have any recommendations? please don't hesitate to share below.

#gaming #entertainment #creativity

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I can play almost anything high but I feel a good high pushes a atmospheric game the most but that's just my opinion. I get blitzed as fuck and play Apex with my boys but it's nothing like getting high, turning off the lights and playing some horror style game for example. I feel anything that has atmosphere and thrives off that get gets 100 times more intense while your high.


Whoa, thanks.

Really depends on the strain, wouldn't mix a high energy bullet hell game with an indica you know what I mean? haha!

Planetside 2 is pretty good when blazed