First Blunt in Ages! - Game Toke Sesh - Super Bowl Sunday

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8 months ago

First Blunt in Ages!

Green Game Toke Sesh

What's up Smokers?! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Hope you have a super bowl packed and ready to go to enjoy all of the munchies on this day. Who do you think will win the football game?

This weekend I smoked a blunt for the first time in a while. I used to smoke these all of the time, but I stopped because the tobacco is very unhealthy to consume. My friend had a blunt rolled and I couldn't say no. It was a Game wrapper and burned nice and slow. Blunts are always fun to do smoke tricks with. It brings me back to memories of the college days.

What do you think about smoking blunts?

Smoke Up!

and have a great day!

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That blunt looks finely pearled

Nice one! Whats a "Game wrapper" if you don't mind me asking.. I'm not from the US so don't watch the American Football. :D


Game is the brand of blunt wrap used for this. They are a type of Cigarello sold by Garcia y Vega that we gut and roll up. Cheers @stoner!

Football and a blunt? Sign me up for that :D