Smoking Brand Rice Paper - God's Green Crack Rolled Up - Happy Ground Hog Day Morning

10 months ago


Smoking God's Green Crack (50/50) hybrid buds this morning - a balanced eye opener.


God's Green Crack is a euphoric and mind-body balanced 50/50 hybrid strain. Clear mind with this strain, suitable for busy day and social night smoking.

Source: God's Green Crack Review


Twisting a spliff with Smoking brand RICE PAPERS.


Smoking RICE PAPER Roll Up

The last time I smoked with these papers was the Rice Paper Roll Up with MK Ultra Shake and CK bubble hash - it rolled and smoked nicely.


Medium thickness papers at 17 grams per square meter with these Smoking Rice Papers - the extra fine Smoking Master papers are 13 grams per square meter as comparison. 49 leaves per pack, they are longer than regular at a paper and a half wide 77 mm - and fold out from a unique square pack. Watermarks including the Smoking logo, top hat, and pinstripes.

Scissors shaved up the GGC buds for rolling.

The most traditional of the Smoking® range, dating from the 1920´s. Designed for those who like a slow burn. 49 leaves per booklet. FSC® Certified. 100% natural vegetable gum, with no colourings or other additives. This ensures you get the optimum stick with just one lick.

Source: Smoking Paper - Rice Papers


Rolled up the God's Green Crack in the Smoking Rice Paper - rolled easily.

Fired up the spliff, adjusted the camera.

God's Green Crack Taste

Spicy, sweet, light citrus fruity, the smoke tingled my nose a little. dry with a touch of sweet fruit aftertaste.

Source: God's Green Crack Review


Spindly Bright Orange Hairs - Cripsy Buds.


The God's Green Crack buds are tasty, the Smoking Rice Paper is burning slow and clean - as clean as any other natural fiber paper that I've smoked. Decent temperature this morning, it's warmed up to -5C (25F).


Ground Hog Day Warm Up

Ground Hog Day - the tradition where the ground hog's shadow has something to do with predicting if it will be a short or long winter. This year the Canadian and USA ground hogs determined that spring will be arriving early - until then I'll be blazing the spliff and wood stove.


Have a great day!

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Lovely nice looking nug.... the pistil really are looking so good! I know Papel de Arroz (lit. Rice paper), it is a paper brand popular in Spain, the locals use them for tobaccos too. Keep puffin´ for a high Jack!


I'm amazed the pistils survive being squeezed into a container. Smoking does seem to be and all around smoker kind of brand - it's a nice size paper to roll and puff with :)


True true

Did you see the ground hogs Shadow? Man I loved that movie


If the groundhog sees his shadow then it's a shorter winter, or something like that .. classic Bill Murray :)

Dude your post is dope and clean


Thanks :)

I Love this i can't Dany it bro!


I'm more and more impressed with each bud i get my hands on :)


Same dude!

God's green crack is a good strain. But those papers do appear interesting.


The square packs look nice together, I have this Rice one and a Corn one - perfect size paper for me, easy to roll with too.

wow, incredible


Thanks :)