Late Night Pipe Cleaning Session - the Gorilla Glue Blunt gets Sizzle

5 months ago


With a pack of Century Sam Cigars to play with, I cleaned the resin build up out of the pipe and one hitter - to roll up a Gorilla Glue blunt with sizzle.

Metal Wire for Pipe Cleaning

I purchased this RYOT one hitter pipe cleaning wire from the Hot Box Cafe smoke shop. It was a counter top quick grab basket item, a few dollars. RYOT sells lots of on-the-go smoke items like one hitters, vapor pens, smoke kits, grinders, and travel cases. It's just a bent piece of wire that has a thickness that is slightly thinner than a wire coat hanger. The perfect size to fit through most one hitters and metal pipes.


That RYOT wooden sheath was handy, it had a magnet at the bottom to hold the wire in. I also didn't have to worry about where to set the metal wire down without getting pipe resin on everything. I lost the wood sheath but will find it again someday. For now I hang it on a screw in the wall of the smoke spot.

Cleaning the Pipe and One Hitter

You can see the wire pipe cleaner and the one hitter pipe in the first picture below. The one hitter pipe I give a quick cleaning after every nine tokes or so - to keep it fresh, and to prevent the resin from coming down the pipe. In the second picture below you can see the pipe my wife had stopped using, I can see why - totally clogged, there was zero air flow.


You can see how easily the wire cleans out the one hitter pipe - fresh as a daisy. It took a bit of pricking and prodding to unclog that pipe though - got it done.

Burnt Pipe Resin

I'm sure this non virgin pipe resin/tar looking smoke isn't for everyone, but the taste and feels are similar to low grade hash - just a touch of burnt taste to it. Lots of energy kind of buzz that always leaves me craving a kushy mind-numbing strain to chase or blend it with. It's good to have the thick blunt wrap to wipe the pipe resin on.


These Gorilla Glue #1 50/50 hybrid buds give an excellent head and body buzz - any time day or night.


With the blunt wrap pipe-resin-speckled, I pour in the scissors shaved up Gorilla Glue buds - check out that kief staying on the metal tin.


Blunt Mix Ready to roll up. I enjoy adding a little tobacco in there with hash or resin - I call it kindling.


The Blunt gets a quick dry on the wood stove to stiffen up this straight shooter - for maximum air flow potential.


Blunt Blazed Up

Fired up the Gorilla Glue Blunt Smoke. When the blunt gets hit you can hear a little crackle, sizzle, the smoke that trails off is thick. Taking nice big hits, but the blunt's burnin' slow. The pipe has those concentrated dark flavors like low grade hash - with that touch of burnt. Like with hash, it's hyping me up a little. With the Gorilla Glue buds, there's a lot of dark flavors in this blunt - a hardy smoke.


Have a great day!

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Nice way of saving, kind of. Don't have that problem as I just puff spliffs.


I guess then there's roaches... not quite the same though :)


No man .we used to make fun of people, when I was a kid that ate roaches...discussting


Lol, i've never ate roaches or drank bong water. Have smoked plenty of roaches though - those are some of the best blunts are the ones filled with a pile of fat roach insides.

Roll Up! Yessir!!

have you smoked backwoods before?


I tried the backwoods a few years ago, they're a bit hardier with the natural leaf. They've been hard to find lately though with the regulations, i'm curious to try them again. The Zig Zag blunt wraps are the easiest for me to find around here, they're decent, but I still prefer the split cigars - old habits :)

Tooshay.... great idea, I’ll have to try that. I just clean and save it up in an old medicine container for dry times.

Above all great content. Keep smoking, getting paid, and repeating.


Thanks, yeah it does give you a buzz - it's that high energy buzz that leaves me wanting more though. I always have the cleanest pipes during the lean times :)


Personally I like resin once in awhile. It always seems to hit you so hard.

Great post! I have never though of doing that. I usually just clean my pipes out and start smoking.


Thanks - i like the flavor and buzz variety the pipe resin brings - Something different.

I really like this review format :)


Thanks :)

I do that with Ms Pretty! Waste not, want not! Kool Gifs


Thanks - i've seen you get much nicer resin from Ms Pretty :)


she needs it again!!! lololol

Haha awesome! I smile a ton of blunts and even roach blunts but for some reason never even thought of this.